September 28, 2009

Save the Hopetoun!

This is the cover for Hanging At Picnic Rock which is a film i'm in. It was a blast doing it. I'm the only guy in it and i get to have sex and get my body torn in half(literally) by psychotic ghost women. It's been sent to the Trashorama film festival. Let me know if you want to see this thing and i'll see if i can get you a copy.

This is a gig that's really worth going to as it's a benefit for one of my favourite radio shows Burning Vinyl (Fridays 2-4pm on 3CR - 855AM). Matt "Buffy" Gleeson is a great guy and i tune into his show as often as i can, if you want to hear interesting new music you should too!

On another note- the government has come down hard on small live venues in both Sydney and Melbourne lately, this is forcing the Hopetoun in Sydney to shut it's doors until certain changes are made. I post on a music forum called Messandnoise and some people on there said this:

It's an issue of security. By law in the City of Sydney you need one security guard per certain amount of people(I think it's 70), regardless if there is only 5 people in the building. There was a recent article in Mess and Noise outlining this very issue in Melbourne. For a venue with such a reputation for passive crowds intent on seeing a performance it seems ludicrous. The fact is that due to some council intervention, the Hopetoun was forced to provide security every night. And obviously what it has learnt is that profit cannot be met through money spent on the bar."

"Due to the amount of work that needs to be done to the building to bring it up to regs (disabled access etc.) the owners are 'taking a back seat' to assess what they need to do and if it can be financially viable. He also said it will be 'in the order of months' until we see anything like it getting back on track."

This really bums me out to hear, i really don't think the government or the councils have the right idea by enforcing more security on small live music venues that have little-to-no violent incidents each year. Obviously there's alot more violence in the nightclubs that are busiest at 2-4 AM- i should know because i've worked in a few.

To Read more about it visit to Mess + Noise news article here

Projected listening for October:

Ty Segall - Ty Segall LP

U.V Race - U.V Race LP

Useless Eaters - Agoraphobic 7"

Personal & The Pizza's/Bobby Ubangi split 7"

Late Arvo Sons - Letters From Another Alphabet CD

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall LP

Woollen Kits - Woollen Kits 7"

various live sets from Flip Out Melbourne and Sydney

various live sets from gigs featuring Bed Wettin' Bad Boys

September 27, 2009

Digger & The Pussycats/TAPE MAN

So Geelong won the Grand Final- i got stuck on a train full of footy fans, i got asked by an old drunk guy "Hey mate where's your beer?"

Right now i'm sitting at my friend Jimi's house watching Box Elders live on the Gonerfest live stream. Sonic Chicken 4, Box Elders, Nobunny, Cheater Slicks. Today is a good day.

I went to The Birmy last night to catch Jack Petty dj'ing, it was a good crowd- lots of good requests like Whitney Houston!

Then i swung by Yah-Yah's to catch Digger & The Pussycats-

Yes, that is 3 beers taped together.

Pony 2am for The Ghost Of Tape Man!

September 24, 2009

Spring Tones


This should be a good day, totally worth going

Here's how it'll go:

Front Stage

6.45pm-7.15pm Woollen Kits - (buy their 7" you jerks!)
7.35pm-8.05pm Super Wild Horses (buy their 7" you jerks!)
8.25pm-9.05pm Ducktails
9.25pm-10.05pm Aleks & The Ramps
10.25pm-11.05pm Bachelorette
11.35pm-12.10am The UV Race (buy their LP you jerks!)
12.30am-1.10am The Dacios (buy their new cd you jerks!)

Back Stage

7.15pm-7.45pm Rat Vs Possum
8.05pm-8.45pm Songs
9.05pm-9.45pm Tiny Vipers
10.05pm-10.45pm Love Of Diagrams (buy their new cd you jerks!)
11.05pm-11.55pm Vivian Girls
12.15am-1am St Helens

Snowflake Room

8.30pm-9.10pm The French
9.30pm-10.10pm Children Of The Wave
10.30pm-11.10pm Mark Barrage
11.30pm-12.10pm Aoi
12.30am Hawnay Troof (this should be cool, Vice Cooler from XBXRX)


In other news the new UV Race LP has just come out.

Melbourne people: Missing Link Records

Sydney people: Repressed Records

September 22, 2009

Truth From Facts

So i'm stuck in Melbourne town, missing out on what might be the finest gig in Brisbane if not Australia for this weekend if not the month! But this weekend is still a winner here in hook-turn city.

WEDNESDAY - you should go see
TAPEMAN at The Birmingham- he was great at The Old Bar, i heard good things about him at High Vibes and so if you ain't caught the guy yet, go to this show or one of the Saturday ones. Don't miss it eh!


That says Woollen Kits, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Acid Casualty and Holy Samolly this THURSDAY at The OLD BAR - $5 and Woollen Kits will have their new 7" at the show aswell!

FRIDAY - The Melbourne Stencil Festival is on at 117 Vere St, Abbotsford and it's gonna be pretty sweet, some friends of mine are in it so i'll be sure to be on the hunt for free beer and hanging out. Then, i'll be at the Northcote Social Club for Neil Hamburger. It's like $20 i think. Weird thing about this weekend is almost everyone i know is celebrating their birthdays.

SATURDAY - At 3pm there's a gig at CATFOOD PRESS which is at 289 Lygon St, Brunswick. Haven't heard any of the bands to tell the truth but i know Tenzenmen is putting Truth From Facts new 7" out which means it's sure to be good!

Truth From Facts 7"
a: predator's dream
b: the urge to destroy is a creative urge too

If you missed the mighty Ghost Of Tape Man at his other shows, go see him with Johnnie & The Johnnie Johnnies at Bar Open - this might be free or $5 or $10- worth going either way. Digger & The Pussycats are playing at Yah-Yah's for FREE and Neil Hamburger's "Drunken Spelling Bee" at the East Brunswick Club for about $20 - which is sick! i went to it last time he came out.

At 2am Ghost Of Tape Man is playing what i believe to be his final Melbourne show at Pony for FREE. - See you there Bugsy!

SUNDAY - Sunday is kind of weird for me, i'm going to the cast and crew screening for a film i'm in called "Hanging at Picnic Rock". I'm the only dude in it and i get my legs ripped off me while i'm screaming. My buddy Clint Cure made it and it's sure to be a real hit, if it makes it to the festivals i heard it is i'll let you know!

I know there's a gig on but i can't remember what it is, let me know what's going down so i have somewhere to drink after the red carpet party.

September 18, 2009

R.I.P Society Records Brisbane Blowout

I'd love to be going to this, at one point it looked do-able. But no, I'll be stuck in Melbourne BUT! i did scam 2 free tickets to Neil Hamburger and there's plenty of art shows and cafes to be seen at. I heard there's a party happening on Saturday with some of these bands - if you're in town and want the deets then get in touch with Nic at
R.I.P Society Records

September 17, 2009

Videos! Part 1

Yeah! whack out the milo tin- it's movie time!!

I filmed all these on my camera, wanted to put them up before but my internet was a dead horse.

Live at Dirty Shirlows - Marrickville, Sydney

Live at Melbourne Flip Out - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Live at The Birmingham - Collingwood, Melbourne


Live at Sydney Flip Out - Manning Bar, Sydney

Live at Sydney Flip Out - Manning Bar, Sydney

Live at Sydney Flip Out - Manning Bar, Sydney

Live at Melbourne Flip Out - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

If you want to see the whole Dick Diver set at Melbourne Flip Out- go to Fan Made Recordings

Shattered Records Tour

Anyone who knows me has heard me spit the words Jay Reatard! many times, i think the guy is fantastic- from his first album with The Reatards to the last track on his new solo LP "Watch Me Fall". I've seen him 3 times and i think he's just starting to really hit his stride on the stage.

In the last 2 years he's started Shattered Records which is a label he made to help young bands he likes get a leg up. The bands on his roster are all stellar- i think Useless Eaters are the best band to come out of 2009.

Check out these tracks and go to Shattered Records for more info, also- feel free to get in touch with me for a mix cd or something at

September 14, 2009

The Ghost Of Tape Man (NZ) Australian Tour 2009


So the Old Bar Unicorns were beaten by the Bar Open Bats. Tote Hotel beat the East Brunswick Eye-Gougers in a close battle. There's talk of a few more teams for next year, perhaps i'll play too!


Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Sydney's #1 party band

NOTE: Joe let Nic and Ben do the interview because he's burnt out with the overwhelming demand for Royal Headache interviews.... Sorry for the lack of puns. Joe uses heaps of puns in interviews. He's got a heaps better grasp of the english language.

What's coming out soon from Bet Wettin' Bad Boys?

Nic: We did a Kiss covers cassette called "Kiss It!". We had an overwhelming demand for them, gotta dub some some more.

Ben: We'll probably try do a 7" soon. Aim to record late October.

what are your top 3 Kiss albums?

Nic: EVERYTHING TIL ALIVE II IS 100% ESSENTIAL. Get all of these Rock 'N Roll Over, Hotter Than Hell, Destroyer, Kiss, Dressed To Kill, Love Gun, Alive and Alive II. And Double Platinum (ultimate party comp). I'm glad they broke up after Ace left...
Ben: ....and didn't release any songs on the Bill & Ted Soundtrack

Why is Joe called Joe Suck-It?

Ben: So high school fans couldn't get in touch with him on facebook. He was the secret stud of the school.

Nic: Also cause he sucks it. Just kidding!
Ben: Joe isn't here so we can say what we like.
Nic: Once we got paid $100 not to play with Mercy Arms. I think the initial reason we were on the line-up was cause Timberyard records thought one of us was a homosexual.

You all live together, whats that like?

Nic: Good. No parents telling us what to do, it's anarchy.

Ben: Everyone's functional, no lame art shit in this house that doesn't serve a purpose.
Nic: We got a cat called Morbi, short for Morbid Tail, a parody of Morbid Tail, the first Celtic Frost album. It's like the the "damaged" of heavy metal.

Joe Ben Nic

What's happening this weekend?

Nic: Maybe going to a Taipan show, maybe a Tenniscoats show. There will be more chicks at the Tenniscoats show, but Taipan fans are generally more attractive. Also cashflow forecast, business assests summary, operations summary, stat declaration, insurance quotes....

Ben: Jack shit. Pysiotherapy exam shit. 100% punk.

Tell us about R.I.P Society Records?

Nic: R.IP Society Records started late last year, I was playing in Circle Pit at the time and the 7” recordings were kind of just sitting there so I was like let’s get this show on the road, I’ll put it out asap and have it ready for the next lot of interstate shows. All the releases so far have really made sense to me, they’ve all happened pretty naturally. It just seemed like a really good, obvious idea to ask Lakes, Kitchen’s Floor, Lloyd Honeybrook, Wasted Truth and Royal Headache as they’re all my friends and I not only love their bands but also their approach and attitude towards playing music. The established music industry sucks, even if a band is exciting the music industry can make being a fan of them really dull. R.I.P Society is when you’re walking down the main street of town and you think “this is all balls man, I can’t relate to any of this”, so you try and get your own shit happening.

Any bands you haven't seen yet that you guys want to?

Nic: The Seizures,
Bloodclot Faggots, Anna Lucy and Emma (Holy Balm and NOTV chicks) new band too. I think they're called Skinny Puppy or Bubble Puppy? Thin Lizzy cover band.

Ben: Anything that brings the party. Daddy Long Legs. They probably bring the party from one video I've seen on youtube.
Nic: Judas Priest cover band.
Ben: Van Halen cover band. Or the bass player of Van Halen's side project.

Who gets more backstage honeys?

Joe got one so he wins. We've never had a backstage.

Favourite BWBB's song? Whats it about?

Nic: I like Waste Of Time. I dunno what it's about but it's our most Replacements-esque song. Waste Of Time is the only lyric I know...

Ben: Waste Of Time is probably about some sort of time wasting that Joe does. My favourite is the cover we did of Rock 'n' roll part 2. That was like our first jam. Who's it by?
Nic: I think Gary Glitter or Frankie Goes To Holywood. Daryl's favourite (honourary bad boy and housemate) is Lone Wolf. The chorus goes "I'm a Lone Wolf, but things have changed, since I seen you in a different way. Although my heart is full of hate, it's settled down a bit of late". It's about a period in my life when my heart was full of hate but it had settled down a bit of late.

Ben: My favourite lyric is the Bad Boys theme.


September 12, 2009

Festivals in the U.S right now

And check out the line up for Scion Garage Fest in Portland - October 17th


That is one helluva line up!

and then look at this years GONERFEST Sept 24-26

Cheater Slicks (Columbus, OH)
Compulsive Gamblers (Memphis, TN)
Reatards (Memphis, TN)
Box Elders (Omaha, NE)
Ty Segall (San Francisco, CA)
Thee Oh Sees (San Francisco, CA)
Magnetix (Bordeaux, France)
Nobunny (Bunnyland, US)
Tirefire (New Orleans, LA)
Intelligence (Seattle, WA)
Cococoma (Chicago, IL)
Earthmen & Strangers (Tempe, AZ)
Davila 666 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Sonic Chicken 4 (Perpignan, France)
Hunx & His Punx (San Francisco, CA)
Magic Kids (Memphis, TN)
Shitty Beach Boys (Austin, TX)
De Høje Hæle (Denmark)
Mig & Min Ven (Denmark)
Fresh & Onlys (San Francisco, CA)
A Burning Bus (Ashville, NC)
Loose Diamonds (New Orleans, LA)
Thomas Function (Huntsville, AL)
Mantles (Oakland, CA)
Useless Eaters (Memphis, TN)
Teenage Whoremoans (Philadelphia, PA)
River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
White Wires (Ottawa, Canada)
Tampoffs (Boston, MA)
Overnight Lows (Jackson, MS)
Yusuf Jerusalem (France)
Gentleman Jesse & His Men (Atlanta, GA)
Msr Jeffrey Evans (Memphis, TN)
King Louie One Man Band (New Orleans, LA)

AND finally-

BUDGET ROCK 8 in San Francisco

* The Mummies *
* Necessary Evils *
* The Brentwoods *
* The Fevers *
* Donny Denim And The Spaghettoes*
* Gris Gris *
* Dan Melchior *
* Cheap Time *
* Sector Zero *
* Thee Oh Sees *
* The Golden Boys w/Greg Ashley *
* Black Time *
* Nobunny *
* Fresh And Onlys *
* Wounded Lion *
* Box Elders *
* Hunx And His Punx *
* Personal And The Pizzas *
* Young Offenders *
* Johnny And The Limelights*
* The Pizzas *
* RockNRoll Adventure Kids *
* Impediments *
* Wild Thing *
* Outdoorsmen *
* Primitivas *
+ more bands TBA!!!


September 11, 2009

Pink Reason

Well you suck dude, it was sick!

If you did miss out it's not too late to catch some of the Flip Out action with PINK REASON this Friday. It's at the Birmingham Hotel with the UV Race, Woollen Kits and Lost Animal. $10!

or Saturday at the Curtin Bandroom with Zond, Fabulous Diamonds, Deaf Wish and Bunyip Moon. $10 again. (I'll be at The Birmy for Late Arvo Sons and Chinese Burns)

If you're in the mood to make Friday really sweet do yourself a favour and go to Pink Reason at Sunshine & Grease, 117 Little Lonsdale St then make you're way down to 25 Easey St. Collingwood for Brendan Huntley's show. THEN it's straight to The Birmingham for $5 pizza and 4 sick bands.

Like Tommy Gun always says, if you're not there- you're a poser!

So come down and have some fun, coz it will be!

September 10, 2009

Late Arvo Sons

This Saturday Late Arvo Sons are launching their debut album. I've heard a few of the tracks and they sound great. It was recorded with Mikey Young so you know it's quality already. Supporting them are Chinese Burns, Trophy Wives and Lost Burrows. It'll cost $10 and it starts at 8pm.

September 08, 2009

Brendan Huntley(E.C.S.R)

Everyones favourite Suppression Ring, Brendan Huntley is having an art show this friday down at Utopian Slumps. It's 25 Easey St - 2 doors down from PBS! Starts at 6!



September 07, 2009

Melbourne Flip Out '09

I had a great day at Flip Out on saturday. I was lucky enough to be Stage Manager for it. Thanks to all the bands and punters for making it such a sick day. And of course Dan and Johanna for setting it all up and making this happen. Oh! and Rigid for bringing out James Arthurs Manhunt.

There wasn't a band playing i didn't like, but of them all i'd say my favourites would have been:


I took some photos, ran around all day and managed to drink a few beers on the side.

Teen Archer

James Arthur

Slug Guts

Ooga Boogas aka THE DOORS

Super Wild Horses

I really dug Dan Lewis and the Brain Children dj sets, was great to see peeps still rocking at 3am after such a long day.

September 04, 2009


This evening we have Super Wild Horses, Late Arvo Sons and The Focus(LAST SHOW!) at Irenes Warehouse. 8pm. Do make it down if you can...

"This friday Sept 4th. Brunswick Arts Space. 4 Hope St Brunswick. 8PM. ALL AGES. With Super Wild Horse and Al Montfort's interpretive dance piece to TVP's ''Picture of Dorian Grey''. Will have 150 copies of our final release, recorded last week, as well as our old 7's for real cheap (median price $3 each). Come party the night before Flip Out..."

oh and this afternoon Goodnight Loving are playing a FREE instore gig at OFF THE HIP Records..... check it out here

If you're not down with that then go to The Tote at 6pm today! Leon aka Vernon from The Sailors/Ooga Boogas and Mikey Young of Eddy Cuz and Ooga Boogas are spinning some sweet records and giving you deliciously free pizza.

Flip Out SATURDAY the 5th!

Also, tonight James Athurs Manhunt is playing a few tunes at Pony at 2am

September 03, 2009


Tonight in the Cobra Bar(Upstairs from the Tote!):

James Arthurs Manhunt

The Stabs

Chinese Burns

Who is James Arthur?
What is a manhunt?

James Arthur is a Texan hick who spent a lotta time as the driving force behind some of the best '90s underground garage/punk/psych bands -- Fireworks, Necessary Evils, Feast of Snakes and the Golden Boys, among others -- recording for all the hippest labels of the day like Crypt, In The Red, Sympathy, even appearing on fine Aussie imprints Au-go-go and Dropkick. He's been dormant for a while, distilling a toxic brew of psychedelic noise in the basement of his ranch in the Hill Country outside of Austin.

He's just got together a new band, JAMES ARTHUR'S MANHUNT, and has recorded an LP for Australian taste-makers Aarght! Records. We are proud to bring you the first such JA foray in some time. We brought you Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the Ooga Boogas, UV Race and Super Wild Horses so you know damn well you should listen to it. Manhunt will be touring Australia in August & September of this year in support of the LP, playing at both Flip Out Festivals in Melbourne and Sydney, with a handful of side shows.

We don't know what a manhunt is. James is kinda gay.
Which is cool and all, and ballsy for a Texan.

$10. 8.30pm