February 25, 2010

Firewitch tour

Saw Firewitch get through 2 or 3 songs at a cool party before the cops shut it down last weekend. Their playing some shows again after breaking up for a while which is really cool. Get to a show if you can!


Firewitch 10'' ep out on Wantage USA. They will be selling the last batch of these on the tour. Ltd. 355 copies, bout 60 left apparently!

LIARS! full length CD out on Bro Fidelity/WeEmptyRooms. Ltd. 500 copies.

Friday 26th feb: North St. Cafe, Batemans Bay
+ Skinpin and Hoodlum Shouts

Sat 27th: Wombarra Bowlo (north 'gong)
+ Nunchukka Superfly, Turds of Prey, Baby Machine and Bug Girl

Sun 28th 7pm start: Red Rattler, Marrickville
+ Nunchukka Superfly & The Thaw

Friday 12th March: The Old Bar, Fitzroy
+ Spider Goat Canyon & Deep Where All Drown

Sat 14th, 2pm: Irene Warehouse, Brunswick
+ Asssassination Collective, Mitch Brennan and more


February 22, 2010

Good Australian recent releases

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Best Band In Sydney/Worst Band In Sydney 7"

The Bed Wetters were down in Melbourne over the weekend playing shows to launch their first 7 inch release, "Best Band In Sydney/Worst Band In Sydney". That title says it all, they're loose as shit. I asked Ben about them opening for Dinosaur Jnr and he said "Well, whatever happens we're still gonna get paid" and then Nic said "It's not like anyones going to book us shows like this again when they see us".

Kitchens Floor - 7"

I've listened to Kitchen's Floor's first album, "Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress" a lot since it came out. There's a few bands doing music in a "lo-fi" manner and i generally spit them all back out after first taste. This Brisbane band however seems to sink a bit lo-er than most. They've got a heaviness and rawness that i haven't felt from most other groups in this field. It being on R.I.P Society doesn't hurt either. Oh, good news for Melbourne- they're doing some shows in early March. Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart get some KF action also. Excited.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax CD/LP

Eddy Current Suppression Ring are simple goods. Their not like buying from Ikea, no instructions or separate parts needed. Rush To Relax is the 3rd installment LP and comes in 10 tracks. Theres an over analytical review shaking up a stir about how their not pushing the envelope and that they should be taking more risks musically. I won't bother helping you to find this review as it's a waste of your time and mine. If you live in Australia the band will be hitting you're town in March or April (Yes, even W.A). They have a bunch of USA tour dates posted on their Myspace too which should excite those of you Goners.

Teen Archer - Teen Archer 10"

This band has chops. I'd say they really got to me when i saw them at the Flip Out after party at Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney. They blew the place apart and have continued to do so on a regular basis. They've been playing everywhere with everyone lately so if you haven't seen them yet i don't where you've been. They'll be doing the Dinosaur Jnr tour with Deaf Wish so if you're going, get there early and see them make dust of the Corner on March 5th. I took Alex and Gus bowling a few months ago, have a look at the photos and read some here <--

Deaf Wish - Reality & Visions LP

I don't know what happened, i've really slept on this. I've been listening to this one a fair bit and it's just getting better. Their doing some shows on the east coast in March so go see them do the rock thing. Their playing as a super surprise band at a gig coming up soon so if you're a keen bean, get back to me and i'll fill you in. I interviewed Jensen about the album and other junk a month or 2 ago. Go'n read it 'ere!

Royal Headache - 7"

If this record doesn't come out in the next week i'll be calling Nic at R.I.P Society everyday till i can hold this sucker. The finest band in Sydney, Australia and probably whatever hole you're in. Royal Headache's debut release and my early pick for best 7" of 2010. If you have Golden Plains tickets you'd best get in on time and head for the stage at full pelt for their 2pm set on day one.

February 17, 2010

Save The Birmingham Hotel

Dear Friends of The Birmingham

We'd like to reach out for your help!

Since new management took over the birmingham last year, we've seen some incredible local bands through the venue and have grown to be a great fixture Melbourne's live music community.

The idea of hosting bands at the Birmingham is slowly fading due to noise complaints from one neighbour. And in the last couple of days,
has become serious to the point that we could be told to cease bands as of tonight - I would also like to point out that the neighbour moved into the residence after the venue had been hosting bands.

In a last minute dash - we are asking for anyone who has visited the venue, for a beer or a band, or even anyone who appreciates the importance of preserving the venue to sign this petition below.

Although - on a legal standpoint, the petition will not hold water, we are hoping to appeal to the neighbour so they can see the venue is loved and cherished by a broader public.

So, if you could please take the time to write a small message, or even just a signature - we will be passing this on the neighbour.


The Birmingham Hotel


February 16, 2010

Reigning Sound Tribute Band! Sunday

Sunday 21st of February

Que Paso
Reigning Men (Reigning Sound Tribute)

"There aren’t many people in Australia who have actually seen North Carolina rock and roll band Reigning Sound in the flesh and it’s looking less and less likely each year that they’ll ever make it out here to Australia. Well there is a way you can come close to the experience, and that is to get down to Yah Yah’s this Sunday night when Australia’s one and only Reigning Sound tribute band, Reigning Men, hit the stage and blast out the hits of Greg Cartwright and Co. I’m not sure if they take requests but they’re really really good. They’ll be joined by Chris Altmann of Vandas fame and his new band Que Paso. Reigning Sound, I mean, Reigning Men, this Sunday 21st February at Yah Yah’s."

Opens 5pm
Bands on at 7pm

Fucking cool!

February 15, 2010


This weekend is gonna be fucking massif!

I've already posted these shows here but just to remind you...

Friday - Constant Mongrel & Taco Leg(Perth) split tape launch at Missing Link. Free. 5pm!
Friday later - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys(Sydney), Taco Leg, Golden Staph(Perth) and Late Arvo Sons. The Birmy.

Saturday - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Southern Comfort and School Of Radiant Living. The Birmy. Free. 5-7pm
Saturday right after - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Woollen Kits, Bitch Prefect and Southern Comfort. Empress Hotel.

Sunday - Me, Jack Petty, Jimi and Hugh are gonna DJ and have a party at Willow Bar. Then we're all going to see a REIGNING SOUND tribute band at Yah Yahs for free!

What a stellar weekend of shows

February 13, 2010

Unbelievably Bad!

Hey, go to Unbelievably Bad right now and then come back to this post

How cool is it??

Danger Coolidge, the man behind the Unbelievably Bad Zine - which is due for a new issue! Has been pumping out consistent interviews on the UB Blog for some time now.

Bookmark it and let it become apart of your daily routine.

February 11, 2010

Total Control DJ's at RATS tonight!

Yeah, So tonight(Sat 13th)

School Of Radiant Living
Woollen Kits
Constant Mongrel
-free show-

at The Birmy then head to RATS...

The internet is fucked

Blogs like "I Rock Cleveland" and "Pop Tarts Suck Toasted" ruled and they weren't ever given any warning which makes me want to back up all my images and video because i want this shit to be available for people for a long time. I realise these blogs were giving away music illegally but you'd think a warning and a "you have until..." message would be sufficient. I'm still confused as to how they know which MP3 blogs are the evil ones, what if this happens to me? I'm legit so i'll be pissed if i get the same grim message from Blogger.

Also, this king dick Stephen Conroy wants to have Youtube censored in Australia.

Black Lips - Corner Hotel Review

Electric Smile Band
UV Race
The Twerps
Black Lips

Corner Hotel - 4th Feb 2010

This was fun, thought the line up was good. Nobody knew who E.S.B were before they played, i believe one or 2 of them are from Children Collide. They sounded nothing like C.C, they were like some fucked up MC5 psych/garage band. MC5 jamming on Dirtbombs or something. Pretty sick.

UV's played good. HADUKEN, HADUKEN, CONFUSION, CONFUSION. Went down good. Marcus told a very the crowd about a strange dream he'd had involving a cat, his father and a cop raping him. Marcus also had one of his top 5 costumes ever. DX had a great call from the back of the stage in the dark, "Can i get more spotlight on me?". The place started to really fill up when UV's were on.

The Twerps were good, i don't see them enough. Been caining the 7"/CD lately. Marty was in fine form. Good stuff. They had some killer multi-coloured shirts at the show for sale, i wish i'd had the cash for one.

The show was sold out, a good 800 people there for the Black Lips. The crowd was made up of people who like the UV Race and then 450 odd dickheads. Lots of crowd surfing, lots of idiots on the stage. The band didn't impress me much, they seemed to just fuck around the whole time they were on the stage. Weird set list, weird vibes from the band. I hear their dicks, i can see that being the case.



This was Emily Jackson's last show with the UV Race



Jay Reatard Tribute Review

I got to kick things off by DJ'ing which was cool, then there was a showing of an early Jay Reatard/Boston Chinks Euro tour. Useless Children killed my ears and played a ruling set. UV Race did a strong set, also played a new song which i thought was sick. Kamikaze stole the night with their Reatard covers and audience participation. Dj's Tom Mcguigan, Candy Cut, DX and Brain Children were also sick.

I have video, gimme a few hours and it'll be up(it's worth it!)

February 10, 2010


My internets been fucked since i got back from New Zealand, which explains pretty shitty posts of late.

Here's 2 videos i just uploaded to Youtube, show it to your friends.

PETS WITH PETS @ Mighty Mighty in Wellington, NZ

BMX RAPISTS - Renegade Room @ Camp A Low Hum

February 09, 2010


Fuck yeah, Firewitch is playing some shows this year!


On Wednesday the 10th of February, Bar Open hosts a night of crushing, psychedelic, noise-rock featuring the highly anticipated return of Firewitch. After many a moon in hibernation, they will be performing a special set, switching between classic Firewitch motifs and material from their latest incarnation as Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour. Support comes from the free-form phych duo Breathing Shrine, neanderthalic noise-core sect Occult Blood, plus a special appearance by mystery act from the land of the rising sun. Don't miss this rare program of monolithic sonic disorder.

Doors 8pm / Free Entry

February 08, 2010


Prehistoric Fuckin' Moron(s) (Sydney + Newcastle)
Psychward vs. Tea and Sympathy Symphony
Crab Smasher (Newcastle)
Lost Animal
Eko Eko Azarak
Matthew Brown
White Altar
JK Fuller
Hissy Mearky
Chrome Dome

10AM, Saturday 13th February
Albert Street Park
Off Sydney Road, Brunswick
DIY, Donation, All Ages

Crate Digger Record Fair at Yah-Yah's

Went to this today, scored some good records off Dan Distort, drank some beer and watched The Breadmakers. A perfect sunday arvo i'd say.

February 04, 2010

GRANT HART (ex Hüsker Dü) Australian Tour

Not a hard sell really, Grant Hart is touring Australia after releasing his first album in ten years, "Hot Wax". Here's the dates, !

Wed 10 Feb – The Troubadour, Brisbane
Tickets $33 + bf
http://www.oztix.com.au 1300 762 545
supports - Tim Steward (Screamfeeder), Mad Macka & Pan Handler (Onyas/ Cosmic Psychos)

Thu 11 Feb – The Annandale, Sydney

Tickets $33 + bf
http://www.annandalehotel.com 9550 1078, http://www.custommade.com.au 1300 762 545
supports Simon Day (Ratcat), Tim Steward (Screamfeeder), Blackie (Hard-Ons)

Fri 12 Feb – Norfolk Basement, Fremantle
Tickets $33 + bf
http://www.heatseeker.com.au, Mills Fremantle & Planet Mt Lawley
supports - Adam james (Emperors)

Sat 13 & Sun 14 Feb – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Tickets $33 + bf
http://www.northcotesocialclub.com & NSC box office 9486 1677
supports 13/2 Davey Lane (Pictures/ You Am I), Teeth & Tongue (solo)
supports 14/2 A Death In The Family (acoustic), Black Is The Colour (acoustic)

Good supports too!