June 29, 2009


- Something for everyone.
2 cool dudes upload reviews of all kinds of interesting records.
This one has a heap of great albums from all over for you to download.
Thee Oh Sees, Akimbo, Brainbombs, Cheaptime. This is the kind of blog you want to check on every 2 weeks and make sure you haven't burn't out your internet.

- A great resource for reviews to read on bands like Francis Harold & The Holograms, Strange Boys, Tyvek, Kurt Vile, Nobunny, XYX etc.
Unfortunately they don't have anything for you to download but this site is jammed with heaps of reviews. They haven't updated since may so fingers crossed they haven't stopped doing this.

-A personal gallery of mysterious findings on record.
It's got albums up for download that you have never heard of.

Sounds Of Babies, Sounds To Make You Shiver, Disco Polka.

- One of the good ones.
I like this one alot, i've found alot of great new records through this blog.
This is one of those blogs that will remind you that there are so many bands out there.

- Weirdo, Lo-fi & Outsider Music. A celebration of spontaneity and capturing the idea as close point of inspiration as possible.
Download link in the comments section.
Nothing People, Tyvek, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments.

- This blog is a collective effort by friends to make another high-falutin, self important entry into the deluge of bobo-ass music blogs.
i recently got Pygmy Shrews and Cult Ritual from here, it's great stuff.

- Rad blog with tonnes of good reviews, lets you download 1 or 2 tracks off each record.
Bobby Ubangi, Ganglians, Hunx And His Punx.

- Label Of The Day is a great blog, it's run by a guy named Pato and he interviews his favourite labels with a list of questions to help give you a feel for them. Labels like, Douchemaster, Fan Death, Florida's Dying, Hozac, Rob's House, Woodist, etc.

- Doledrums. Tall Dwarfs, Swell Maps, Verlaines, Homosexuals. I found this from kiwitapes.blogspot.com which was a great blog but has since gone to blog heaven.

The kiwitapes guy posted "It looks like this guy is picking up right where I left off with Kiwi Tapes (and doing a much better job than I did, I might add). So if you are still in need of your kiwi fix, please go there..." So check it out.