September 18, 2010

Death By Audio/Don Pedro's 16.09

Death By Audio show was great, good sets all round. This was the first show for Moving Stills who have members of Busy Signals. Super tight. I actually filmed a song or 2 for each band but this internet will take days to upload those right now. Met some cool people at this show, good to see the Aussies too. UV Marky and Greg Bailey met Keanu Reeves earlier after watching Point Break. I think i saw Bruce Willis but can't confirm. 






My buddy Jarrad and I left the Death By Audio show late and didn't know the address of Don Pedro's, we walked around Williamsburg asking and all we got was "No." and "No, but do you wanna buy some blow?" By the time we got there The Outdoorsmen had just finished which sucks. Not sure if any others had played earlier. Really liked this bar, real dive but in a good way.  


September 15, 2010

I'm alone in the danger zone...

Pissing On The Mainframe, live from New York.

So i just got here after 25 or something hours of flying and it feels good to be away from two of the biggest women in this country elbowing me from seats 15 D and F. The flight from LAX to JFK had Friends on repeat and i believe 15 F enjoys Ross the most.

I was so impressed with the New Wave radio station on the flights- Hungry Like A Wolf followed with Psycho Killer, Uncontrollable Urge, Kids Of America and Love Shack. Keep the party goin' United Airlines! Ye-aah!

I got shit all to report so far, but if you happen to be in this crazy city Wednesday the 15th- i suggest you get in touch and take me to this killer show at The Standard Hotel. Australian Invasion!

September 05, 2010

Maggot Fest 2010!

Tim "The Maggot" "Dundee" Scott's been smashin' it in the past year or so since he came back from Japan. Writing for Mess & Noise, Three Thousand and punk press Stained Sheets he's been talking up the good and cutting down the fat. Good dude.

So Tim's put together a killer line up with some of my favourite local and interstate bandz. Can't wait for The Mammaries, Australia's only Mummies tribute band- i assume. I cannot express how pumped i am for Peewee back in Melbourne either. What a party, "Carbonas but a bit less 'dude' sounding". I'd say i'm a strong member of the Bloody Hammer cheersquad too, what a band. If you don't go to this i don't know what to say. This is going to be 'Flip Out Good'.

Bring it on Sydney and Bris crews, come down for this.