September 15, 2010

I'm alone in the danger zone...

Pissing On The Mainframe, live from New York.

So i just got here after 25 or something hours of flying and it feels good to be away from two of the biggest women in this country elbowing me from seats 15 D and F. The flight from LAX to JFK had Friends on repeat and i believe 15 F enjoys Ross the most.

I was so impressed with the New Wave radio station on the flights- Hungry Like A Wolf followed with Psycho Killer, Uncontrollable Urge, Kids Of America and Love Shack. Keep the party goin' United Airlines! Ye-aah!

I got shit all to report so far, but if you happen to be in this crazy city Wednesday the 15th- i suggest you get in touch and take me to this killer show at The Standard Hotel. Australian Invasion!