November 29, 2009

6 Ft. Hick at the Old Bar tonight!

Hey freaks Brisbane's 6 Ft. Hick are playing again tonight after last nights Spooky Fest which was awesome- lots of BBQ! I took lots of photos- ill update with those when this hangover dies down.

Anyway, tonight! The Jacknives and 6 Ft. Hick and then i'm dj'ing till Joel kicks me out of his bar. Theres going to be heaps of free bbq going around so get in early and get yourself a snag.

I think it's $6 which covers dinner, good tunes and watching the Corbett brothers annhilate again.

November 26, 2009

UV Race Sydney shows/Mountain Fold #3 launch


The UV Race

After their rowdy set at Flip Out Sydney, Victorias most popular
sun-worshiping 6 piece are back in Sydney to launch their universally loved debut LP. Idiot savant punk rock at it’s best!

Royal Headache

Four musical obsessives who channel their affection of the best
elements of punk, power pop, soul and garage to create songs that will stay with you - permanently.

Lakes (Melb)

Lakes sees Sean Bailey drifting solo across the badlands, with burnt out ragas crafted out of a tangle of instruments summoning up a fear of open spaces. Incorporating the darker side of post-punk, acid-folk and bleak eastern guitar scales with a menacing no-hoper punk rock atmosphere.

DJs: Owen (of Straight Arrows / Pee Wee) & Bad Wettin’ Bad Boys


We are proud to announce the completion of Issue #3 of Mountain Fold Music Journal.

Issue #3 features:

- Oren Ambarchi
- Rowland S. Howard
- Pink Reason
- Release The Bats
- Sun Araw
- UV Race

Alcohol supplied by Grolsch


(Can one of you Melbourne-ites bring me back a copy?)


On Saturday the UV's are playing with Bed Wettin Bad Boys, Whores and Beautiful. It's at Doledrums. I posted the flyer a few days ago- scroll down fucker.

Negative Guest List Zine

Just picked up Issue #6 of the Negative Guest List zine outta Brisbane.

This issue features interviews with:

-Fabulous Diamonds
-Outer Spacist
-The U.V Race
-The Stabs
-The Twerps

and 3 interviews i did with:

-Jem Moloney of Firewitch/We Empty Rooms
-Late Arvo Sons
-Woollen Kits

Also has some reviews and ads.


Negative Guest List

Senior Editor Brendon Annesley at his desk

November 25, 2009

November 24, 2009

Royal Headache - Psychotic Episode

Pissing On The Mainframe Mix #1

My favourite blog Teenage Lobotomy just posted a kickass mix so i thought i'd copy them and make my own.

Go HERE to download my 21 tracker.

1. Useless Eaters - Agoraphobic
2. Dick Diver - Walk For Room(Aus)
3. Bobby Ubangi - That's Alright
4. Cheap Time - Back To School
5. Coachwhips - Purse Peekin
6. GG King - Adult Rock
7. Kitchen's Floor - Drowned Out(Aus)
8. Late Arvo Sons - Tighten(Aus)
9. Live Fast Die - Bombed Over Sixpackistan
10. Lover! - Booger In My Asshole
11. Nobunny - Give It To Me!
12. Personal & The Pizzas - I Ain't Taking You Out
13. Royal Headache - Eloise(Aus)
14. Super Wild Horses - What Started The Noise(Aus)
15. The Black Lips - Again & Again
16. Ooga Boogas - Rich 'N' Me(Aus)
17. The Stabs - The Hated One(Aus)
18. Thee Oh Sees - Heart Sweats
19. Ty Segall - Go Home
20. Tyvek - Air Conditioner
21. UV Race - Gore Orphanage(Aus)

The link expired so i took it down.

Download #2, it's better!


November 23, 2009


New kids on the block, Halfheads played their first show over the weekend at the North Melbourne Town Hall aka The Townie. Halfheads features members of Chinese Burns/Dollar Bar/Fancy Boys and Borkum Riff. They played with Sweet Dreams from Brisbane.

Couldn't catch the show myself but thanks to Patrick you can see some of it here-

To see more clips click here

UV Race Sydney PARTY!!

ATP NY 2010

I think i'll be going to this.

November 16, 2009

If only every weekend was as good...

Well that was one of the best weekends i've had.

Twerps and Beaches at Abbruzzo Club on Friday.

- I really enjoyed the show being somewhere else than the usual venue thing. I got in just at Beaches were starting- one of my favourite Melb bands but i always miss their shows. It was nice to see such a good turnout for the show actually. The Twerps were great, everyone was into it. I had to run just as they finished. Love the 7!

U.V Race, Royal Headache, Deaf Wish and Breaker Morant at Ding Dong on Saturday.

- I'd been thinking about this show for ages, it was a dream line up for me. I got to the show at like 8:01 to avoid missing Breaker- i thought they were a good opening to the night. I hadn't seen them in a long while and they sounded just as good but totally different than i remembered. During Deaf Wish i was buying multiple jugs before 10:00 as they shot up from $10 to more than i could afford. They did a good set, very loud and heavy.

Royals are so good- if you don't know it yet you'll be kicking yourself when you finally figure it out. UV's did an amazing set, the whole crowd went mental- i have some nice bruised knee to show for it. I love the U.V shirt i got as well, Georgia did a bunch of different designs on them.


I spent tonight over in Northcote at Willow Bar as Jack P invited me to play some records and drink beer. It was a great way to end the weekend. Hope you had a good'n too.

I took the weekend off taking my camera out to just drink and party so if i find some good photos i'll throw up a link. Check the U.V LP article on Mess+Noise for punter reviews.

November 11, 2009

Nobunny interview!!!!

Jimi and Zac wrote up some questions for Nobunny together, enjoy!

What were you for halloween?


I heard you started out as an elvis impersonator, did you ever go to any conventions or anything like that and how were you received by the elvis-loving community?

I've been to many E conventions. Elvis lovers don't care for much if it ain't the king, nawmean.

A lot of your artwork is a reference to other bands, any particular reason why?

I have no thoughts of my own.

Whats the best/most surprising description of your music you have heard?

"music that is stripped of all redeeming features, just a bunch of fuck ups doing the shittiest thing they can think of"

Do you have fans that have sent you really weird stuff? if so, like what?

I've had multiple dead rabbits thrown at me.

Does it surprise you that parents bring small children to your shows and how do you feel about it?

Nothing surprises me, it's 2009. Kids, dogs, grannies.... all is welcome.

I saw the "alleged worst show of 2008" video, has there been a worst of 2009 show?

You have no idea

But seriously, what's with the mask?

Usually some sweat n stink.

What is Christmas like in the Nobunny home?


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

stay alive




Boom ya! This is going to be fucking great.


The Twerps 7" Launch

The Twerps have just put out a new 7" and cd. It's kick ass, go buy it.

I have every intention to make this gig, really wanna see Beaches again!!

Pic by Ben Butcher - Long Exposure

November 06, 2009

So it's Friday

Hey Mainframers, today is a good 21°C , a current of clear, Wind: S at 29 km/h and Humidity: 49% here in Melbourne. I'm hanging out doing some volunteering over at PBS 106.7

Oh, I just won the ballot for Golden Plains and my Sydney buddies, ROYAL HEADACHE are scheduled to play- fuggen sick! and Melbourne's best 2 piece SUPER WILD HORSES aswell!! Go to to see the line up so far. It's gonna be a sweet weekend, hooray for labour day!

I'm all jived up on coffee and drinking my first beer of the day, waiting till the sun goes down and then i'll catch Chinese Burns last show with Deaf Wish at North Melbourne Town Hall.

Hope all's well dudes!

November 03, 2009

If i were in Sydney this weekend

I'm glad i'm in Melbourne but if i wasn't i'd still be covered for a sweet time.

Melbourne's Twerps are playing shows in Sydney this weekend, go see them- particularly this one...

Chinese Burns last show!

Chinese Burns are playing their last show on friday night with Deaf Wish at the North Melbourne Town Hall. I'll be there, you'll be there- so i'll see you then!

Athol tour new album "Intermediate"

Newcastle's Athol are touring their second album "Intermediate", see them when they hit your city.

Melbourne flyer

Ooga Boogas

The Ooga Boogas will be playing their last show for the year this thursday(5th Nov) at The Tote. They've just recorded a new 7 inch and it looks like they're taking a break(i imagine because Mikey has a big summer coming up with E.C.S.R shows).

Bleach will be coming on for their first ever show at 7:50 so if you want to see them come down early. Followed by Ditchling (Brendan Black of the Stabs) Chrome Dome, Pets with Pets and the Oogas.

Ooga's L-R- Mikey, Per, Rigid & Stacky.

The night will end with the screening of Festival Genialer Dilletanten (Berlin, 1981)

The first Issue of Disco Rough is being printed on Thursday and will be for Sale on the night.

Issue One focuses on the legendary Zick Zack Records – the label synonymous with the birth of German New Wave in 1979.

It features interviews with some of the most important bands from this time including Einsturzende Neubauten, Freiwillige Selbskontrolle, Palais Schaumburg, Wirtchaftswunder and Die Todliche Doris.

November 02, 2009


So for those that are unaware, the Pissing On The Mainframe name comes from my favourite LiveFastDie song "Pissing On The Mainframe". I found out about them after my old housemate was watching videos on Vice's video site VBS.TV. I found a few cool bands through it but LFD reigns supreme on that shit. Live Fast Die is dead now, i wish they weren't. Anyway here's a link to the video that inspired the name! Enjoy!!!

November 01, 2009

Kitchen's Floor in Melbourne!!

Friday Nov 6th - THE EMPRESS
(714 Nicholson Street Fitzroy Nth)





+ DJ's

Nihalistic Orbs Myspace

Saturday Nov 7th - EL JOYERO CAFE

(923 High St, Thornbury)






El Joyero Cafe Myspace

"These will be our first shows in Melbourne since January and our last shows for the year so come hang out."

Kitchen's Floor Myspace

Facebook event

Also! Kitchen's Floor's new album "Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress" is out on R.I.P Society. Pick it up at Missing Link or Repressed.