August 30, 2009

Flipped Out, Sydney

If you saw my drunken ass in Sydney over the weekend, you'd know i had big fun. To anyone i chased, hassled, fought, kissed or took photos of, you're all total dudes. It was a good time and fast approaching is Flip Out in Melbourne at The Corner Hotel. If i scammed beer or ciggarettes out of anyone, hit me up this saturday. I took over 1000 photos throughout the weekend. For me, The Ooga Boogas at Flip Out and Teen Archer at the afterparty at Oxford Arts Factory were my favourite sets. Also James Arthurs Manhunt, really wish i could have stayed in Sydney one more night to see them, Pink Reason and Carborator.

This is a bunch of photos i took from thursday to sunday. Thank you's to Emilyrose, Nathan and Jez for their hospitality and friendship. Lukus for driving us to the airport. Also Jimi's mum for a fantastic lunch today.

Click on the photos to see them big.

Jimi. On the way to Melbourne Airport.

Reading material for the plane.

My buddy DREWFUNK has a show on in Sydney at the moment, if you can- check it out at Oh Really Gallery. Cool space, it's out on Enmore road. I went to the opening and then to this bar on Oxford St called Ching-A-Lings. If you don't have anything nice to say (about Ching-A-Lings), don't say anything at all. basically.

Headed to Repressed Records before it shut. Got some nice records.

Back to Newtown, records and goon in the early morn.

Friday was spent drinking beers at the Clare and buying records at Egg and Utopia. Friday night was the Pink Reason Show at Dirty Shirlows then James Arthurs Manhunt at Louies, i actually slept there. It was great, however the daytime drinking and seeing ma friendo's from Melbourne arrive made me giggly. How sick were BED WETTIN' BAD BOYS. I love my shirt. Thanks to Joey Suck It for writing on it, and then drawing a dick on my chest. What a buddy.

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys

Me with James Arthur

Marcus and T.J Honeysuckle

The pre-Flip Out drinking crew at The Courthouse in Newtown.

Melbourne bringing it to Sydney.

Royal Headache, Shogun rockin' it early.

Royal Headache, Joey Suck-It

Shogun getting friendly with the audience.

Plenty of these

Emilyrose, Annie, Jimi

OOGA BOOGAS. Leon. They played the best set outta any of the bands.




Heather and Jonny Goodtimes

Shorty and Georgia

James Arthur and tha motherfuckin' Manhunt

Deaf Wish. Jensen

Deaf Wish. Nick

The Stabs. Mark

The Stabs. Brendan

The Stabs. Matt

UV RACE. Marcus



UV RACE. Moses

Super Wild Horses. Amy

Super Wild Horses. Hayley

Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Danny

Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Mikey and Brendan

Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Brendan

Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

AFTER-PARTY at Oxford Arts Factory.

Teen Archer smashin' it! Dylan & Gus

Teen Archer. Dylan

Teen Archer. Gus

Teen Archer. Alex

Mikey and Brendan

Making friends on Oxford St

Sunday morning, hanging on the roof

Back to art shows and soy latte's...