August 10, 2009

Royal Headache

Managed to catch 3 of the 4 gigs i intended to.

6/8 - Stained Sheets launch was great, particularly Bits Of Shit, Wasted Truth and it was good to see Ivens which is a 2 piece hip hop duo. Keen to see Bits Of Shit and Ivens play again soon.

7/8 - I got to the old bar early to catch Late Arvo Sons set, i really like their singers vibe. He has a heavy vocal that drives the songs like a bulldozer. Peewee have gone from a band i'd never heard of to one of my new favourites in 2 songs. They have Owen from Straight Arrows and i dunno much else. I bought their cd, 5 tracks that apparently were recorded like 2 years ago. Heres hoping for a new release from what can be best described as "like Carbonas but less dude sounding".

With having my buds from Sydney come down for the weekend i kind of tripped up on catching The Focus. Ma Bad. Deaf Wish. I like these guys, their sound is fierce and catchy. It's kinda like The Stabs meets Billy Bao. I'd been listening to demos of Royal Headache off their myspace waiting for them to come down from Sydney. I think it was like their 12th show and it was brilliant. I just wish Melbourne gets to see more of this band. I heard they could be playing Melbourne Flip Out on September 5th.

8/8 - I got to the Birmy early and caught Peewee do the best set of the night. They were even better than the night before. Super Wild Horses. Their 7" is the perfect gift. The kind of band even your grandma or little brother could get into. If you ain't got it, you ain't nothing. Royal Headache slayed. Made a bad decision on leaving before Bariken, kicking myself.

Royal Headache:

Law. Royal Headache

Shorty. Royal Headache

Joe. Royal Headache

Shogun. Royal Headache