August 10, 2009

now put your hoola hoops back on............

Tue 11th - Cult Minds, Teen Archer, Daddy Long Legs, Rort @ The Birmy. $5

Wed 12th - I don't know.

Thu 13th - U.V Race, Acid Casualty, Splitfoot, Woollen Kits @ Royal Derby. $5

Fri 14th - I'll get back to you.

Sat 15th - Mountain Ford #2 launch at Utopian Slumps, 25 Easey St Collingwood. 7pm

- Straightjacket Nation, Suffer, Blodclot Faggots, Pathetic Human, Rort, Reckless Agression @ The Birmy. $8

Sun 16th - Bar Open Bats VS East Brunswick Eye-Gougers + Old Bar Unicorns VS The Tote Hotel @ Gillion Oval. 1pm