January 30, 2010

January 28, 2010

The Meanies! Old Bar Friday

Camp A Low Hum 2010!


I spent 10 days in New Zealand. 6 days in Wellington and 4 days in Bulls at Camp A Low festival. I had a rad time in NZ and i'm keen to hit it up again soon.

Thanks to Blink for making the festival so good!

Highlights: BMX Rapists, The Dhdfd's, Ko-Ko Nuts, Witch Hats(Pool set), Psychic Jams, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Renegade Stage, Batrider, Gaywyre, Bum Creek, Smell The Cheese, Pets With Pets, The Tote, The Arthouse, Merch desk! and the NZ GURLZ.

Lowlights: Setting up tent in the rain at midnight, Dan Deacon fans, DZ, no bar, no NZ gurl love.

The next night some leftover Melb crew went out with Batrider for late night Karaoke, it ruled.

here's what i did this weekend...

Checking out the pool

The girls bathrooms, first night.

Witch Hats @ The Assembly

The line up - (click to view bigger)

Ouch My Face @ The Assembly

Ko-Ko Nuts @ The Assembly

BMX Rapists @ The Renegade Room

Daedelus @ The Pool

Witch Hats with Pets With Pets @ The Pool

The Dhdfd's singer Scott smashing his head repeatedly @ The Pool

Pets With Pets @ The Assembly

Bum Creek @ The Pool

This girl had 10 litres of raw milk- straight from a cows udder. It was delicious!

Psychic Jams @ Renegade

Golden Axe @ Animal House

I also wrote an in-depth article on CAMP A LOW for Negative Guestlist Zine
should be in Issue 11 or 13, but shit- buy them all

January 26, 2010

Jay Reatard Tribute Show

Jay Reatard died last week at the age of 29, one of the most prolific punk musicians and song writers of our time, leaving behind a legacy of hundreds of records, thousands of songs and millions of shows in about 20 different bands over the last 15 years.

In the last two years, he'd toured Australia twice to rabid response from Melbourne, and on Saturday 30th January Melbourne is returning the favour by paying tribute to his life and music with a one-off show at the Ding Dong Lounge featuring reatarded Melbourne bands like Kamikaze Trio, The UV Race and Useless Children.

DJs Candy Cut, Pissing On The Mainframe and Stained Circles will blast tunes from his enormous back catalogue, and songs that influenced him or were written influenced by him.

And as a one off, we will be projecting footage from one of his wildest shows in his first European tour with the Jay Reatard band early in the night. Doors are at 8:00pm,

Entry is $10, money from the door will go towards a charity to be elected by Jay's father specific to his life in Memphis.

8:30-9:00pm JAY REATARD LIVE
9:00pm-9:30pm STAINED CIRCLES DJ
9:30pm-10:00pm USELESS CHILDREN
10:00pm-10:30pm TOM MCGUIGAN DJ
10:30pm-11:00pm UV RACE
11:00-11:30pm CANDYCUT
11:30pm-12:00am KAMIKAZE TRIO
12:00am-3am STAINED / CANDY CUT / MAX

January 17, 2010

New Zealand

So i'm leaving for New Zealand tomorrow for 10 days, pretty psyched. I'll be at Campus A Low Hum and i'll be covering it for Negative Guest List Zine, should be a lot of fun. P.S anyone driving from Melbourne to Sydney around Feb with a spot for me would be most valued at Mainframe HQ.

Get well buddy

January 14, 2010

Rest In Peace, The Tote Hotel

For anyone in Melbourne, this was THE rock n' roll bar and venue. In the last year i got to the point where i would just go there in the knowledge someone i knew would be on the bar. This is a real loss for us in Melbs. The looming closure rumours came and went and no one could ever consider a replacement for it. It was nice to go back for one last time and drink with friends and soak up the memories. This bar will always hold a special place in my heart.

Thanks Bruce!


The line-up for The Tote’s final show tomorrow (January 18) has been announced. In no particular order:

Hoss, Legends Of Motorsport, The Drones, Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, Dynamo, Deaf Wish, Guttersnipes, Kamikaze Trio, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, The Nation Blue, The Onyas, The Breadmakers, Spencer P Jones & The Escape Committee, Cosmic Psychos, The Meanies, The Dacios, The Exotics, Precious Of Jules, Beaches, Town Bikes, The Stabs, Johnny Casino, Bombshells, Digger And The Pussycats.

By the way, this is SOLD OUT

R.I.P Jay Reatard

Jay died in his sleep yesterday.
I don't think i've listened to any other records more than Jay's.
My condolences to his family and friends and all those at Goner.

R.I.P Jay.

this is weird-

The Diamond Sea

This Saturday at The Tote is the second week of Teen Archer's residency. I'm definitely going to this. It'll be the last ever Melbourne show for the Diamond Sea and Gold Tango are playing as well. The show starts at 5pm and it's free!

For the Sydney peeps, there's 2 final shows, one with Street Chant (NZ), The Thaw and The Kill Room at RED RATTLER, MARRICKVILLE.

Then the last show is with Royal Headache, Street Chant (NZ), Southern Comfort at SHOGUNS ABODE.

Last Tram Home, Redux

Local man about town T.J Honeysuckle has come up with the goods again for the second installment of his Last Tram Home Presents.

This week we have:

January 12, 2010

Sunshine & Grease

Sunshine & Grease is a small record store in the city that stocks some great underground music. The store is moving to Clifton Hill soon which is fine by me.

To farewell the city store, they're having a final instore performance with Silk Ears(second show) and Woollen Kits(champs).

It's on Friday the 15th and it starts at 6pm.


Sunshine & Grease is now at 9 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill.

Opening hours: Thursday 12-6, Friday 12-8 and Saturday 12-6

For more information, go to www.sunshinegrease.com/

Kelly Stoltz + Sprial Stairs w/ Dick Diver

Tonight - Tuesday 12th at The Tote ...

Kelley Stoltz (USA)

Spiral Stairs (USA)

Dick Diver

Sarah Bethe Nelson (USA)

Doors at 8pm and it's $15 to get in.

January 05, 2010

The Saints - Know Your Product

Last night King Khan & The Shrines covered this classic Saints song.

To download King Khan & The Shrines set from Oxford Art Factory, go to SYDNEY LIVE

January 03, 2010

Pissing On The Mainframe Mix #2

Mix of songs that i couldn't get out of my head in 2009.

Let me know if you're into it-

Rowland S Howard - She Cried

If you want to download his second last show then head to Sydney Tapes to get it. The last show which was at Prince Of Wales was filmed with 5 cameras so expect there to be a dvd release in the future.