January 28, 2010

Camp A Low Hum 2010!


I spent 10 days in New Zealand. 6 days in Wellington and 4 days in Bulls at Camp A Low festival. I had a rad time in NZ and i'm keen to hit it up again soon.

Thanks to Blink for making the festival so good!

Highlights: BMX Rapists, The Dhdfd's, Ko-Ko Nuts, Witch Hats(Pool set), Psychic Jams, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Renegade Stage, Batrider, Gaywyre, Bum Creek, Smell The Cheese, Pets With Pets, The Tote, The Arthouse, Merch desk! and the NZ GURLZ.

Lowlights: Setting up tent in the rain at midnight, Dan Deacon fans, DZ, no bar, no NZ gurl love.

The next night some leftover Melb crew went out with Batrider for late night Karaoke, it ruled.

here's what i did this weekend...

Checking out the pool

The girls bathrooms, first night.

Witch Hats @ The Assembly

The line up - (click to view bigger)

Ouch My Face @ The Assembly

Ko-Ko Nuts @ The Assembly

BMX Rapists @ The Renegade Room

Daedelus @ The Pool

Witch Hats with Pets With Pets @ The Pool

The Dhdfd's singer Scott smashing his head repeatedly @ The Pool

Pets With Pets @ The Assembly

Bum Creek @ The Pool

This girl had 10 litres of raw milk- straight from a cows udder. It was delicious!

Psychic Jams @ Renegade

Golden Axe @ Animal House

I also wrote an in-depth article on CAMP A LOW for Negative Guestlist Zine
should be in Issue 11 or 13, but shit- buy them all