August 17, 2009

U.V Race @ Royal Derby

Thursday. Went to Royal Derby for U.V Race, Woollen Kits, Acid Casualty and Splitfoot. Good bands, good sets. I'd never been to the place before, it's a great venue. The night was put on by Streetparty, didn't realise till about 10 when hurds of bright faced teens filled the place. A lot of them got right up front for U.V Race and did the "moshing" thing. I saw a few people get punched in the head and thrown about alot. One of them pulled on Marcus' ribbons on the sick costume Rex and Tara from Splitfoot made him. That ain't cool man.

Marcus. U.V Race

Saturday i went to the Mountain Fold launch. Nice little mag. Free too! features:

- Sean Bailey
- Philip Brophy
- Circle Pit
- The Dead C
- Wet Hair
- Woods

Lots of free beer, couple of bands, good people. what more could you ask for..? a sausage perhaps?