August 24, 2009

Put your shorts on, we're going to Sydney!

So coming up this weekend there's going to be a massive amount of Melbourne people heading up to Sydney for Flip Out and it's going to be a riot. If you're holding your ticket right now and waiting the days as i am, you won't be let down. If you're too scared to look at your bank account, get a ticket and see some of Australia's best aswell as a few U.S offerings. I'm particularly excited about seeing The Ooga Boogas, James Arthur's Manhunt and Slug Guts. Though it's fair to say The U.V Race and The Stabs are my 2 favourite bands, period.

If you're not going to be sipping tropicali drinks in Sydney with me and Bugsy, then perhaps you could do your homework for good shows on this weekend. It'll be quiet at The Tote and The Birmy i predict. By the way, if you don't have a copy of the new Unbelievably Bad, it's $7 and you can pick it up at Missing Link or Polyester.