November 11, 2009

Nobunny interview!!!!

Jimi and Zac wrote up some questions for Nobunny together, enjoy!

What were you for halloween?


I heard you started out as an elvis impersonator, did you ever go to any conventions or anything like that and how were you received by the elvis-loving community?

I've been to many E conventions. Elvis lovers don't care for much if it ain't the king, nawmean.

A lot of your artwork is a reference to other bands, any particular reason why?

I have no thoughts of my own.

Whats the best/most surprising description of your music you have heard?

"music that is stripped of all redeeming features, just a bunch of fuck ups doing the shittiest thing they can think of"

Do you have fans that have sent you really weird stuff? if so, like what?

I've had multiple dead rabbits thrown at me.

Does it surprise you that parents bring small children to your shows and how do you feel about it?

Nothing surprises me, it's 2009. Kids, dogs, grannies.... all is welcome.

I saw the "alleged worst show of 2008" video, has there been a worst of 2009 show?

You have no idea

But seriously, what's with the mask?

Usually some sweat n stink.

What is Christmas like in the Nobunny home?


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

stay alive