November 16, 2009

If only every weekend was as good...

Well that was one of the best weekends i've had.

Twerps and Beaches at Abbruzzo Club on Friday.

- I really enjoyed the show being somewhere else than the usual venue thing. I got in just at Beaches were starting- one of my favourite Melb bands but i always miss their shows. It was nice to see such a good turnout for the show actually. The Twerps were great, everyone was into it. I had to run just as they finished. Love the 7!

U.V Race, Royal Headache, Deaf Wish and Breaker Morant at Ding Dong on Saturday.

- I'd been thinking about this show for ages, it was a dream line up for me. I got to the show at like 8:01 to avoid missing Breaker- i thought they were a good opening to the night. I hadn't seen them in a long while and they sounded just as good but totally different than i remembered. During Deaf Wish i was buying multiple jugs before 10:00 as they shot up from $10 to more than i could afford. They did a good set, very loud and heavy.

Royals are so good- if you don't know it yet you'll be kicking yourself when you finally figure it out. UV's did an amazing set, the whole crowd went mental- i have some nice bruised knee to show for it. I love the U.V shirt i got as well, Georgia did a bunch of different designs on them.


I spent tonight over in Northcote at Willow Bar as Jack P invited me to play some records and drink beer. It was a great way to end the weekend. Hope you had a good'n too.

I took the weekend off taking my camera out to just drink and party so if i find some good photos i'll throw up a link. Check the U.V LP article on Mess+Noise for punter reviews.