August 24, 2010

UV Race / Total Control USA - August/September 2010

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Total Control - Paranoid video by smartguy

I'll be at some NY and Philly shows, as well as Gonerfest


Super Wild Horses in the U.S.A!

SWH have 1 more show and then a guest dj thing before they jet off to the States in September. 

3 September - John Curtin Hotel w/ Constant Mongrel, The Twerps & The Exotics
10 September - Guest Dj'ing at Hell Gallery 6pm-late (Behind Swan St Coles, Richmond)

I'll be seeing them in NY and Memphis

Bits Of Shit, Brainwaves, Teen Archer & Flesh World

Hey! Tomorrow is the last of 4 stellar residency shows that the Bits Of Shit have done in August at the Old Bar. This last show is going to be sweet with the best line up to date with Teen Archer, Flesh World and Brainwaves on supports. It's also Franca from Brainwaves birthday party too which makes things even sweeter. She don' drink and she don' smoke but do get her a drink of some non-alcoholic description when you see her. 

August 20, 2010

OFF THE HIP RECORDS, Instore 2nite!

Off The Hip is a great record store.
There's always something good playing and there's always new stock coming in. In the past year or so i've spent a fair bit of time sitting in the store drinking beer and hassling my buddy Jack Petty while he's resting his hangover. If you see this post before 7pm today you should totally go to Off The Hip which is on Havistock Lane - near Queen St and Flinders Lane. They usually have a bunch of beer but you can bring your own too.

Tonight @ OTH:
Lost Ones 7:30
Midnight Woolf 8:15
Los Chicos (Spain) 9:00

If you see a handsome young man with a brimming moustache tell him he is a cunt.

August 14, 2010

Stained Sheets 3.2 - Melbourne, Victoria

Stained Sheets releases are few but welcomed like finding that $10 note in your jacket you can't explain. Previous issues have all lead to further probing of contained subjects which include the likes of Venom P. Stinger, The Bitters, Modern Convenience, Kurt Vile, The Flecks etc.

This issue is #4 and extended to 32 pages (still free) featuring interviews with 1950's Melbourne R'n'R party band The Blue Bops by Scott Campbell, NZ-now-Sydney jangle-pop Garbage & The Flowers by Cooper Bowman, Manic New Jersey Brat punk Home Blitz, frantic Tampa Bay noise punk Neon Blud, daydream beached out Sonny & The Sunsets all by Tim Scott as well as 4 or 5 others worth a look-in. Issue 4 also has discussion on vintage Adelaide 77' fanzine, Street Fever and finishes with 2 pages of paragraph-long reviews from favourites of mine including: Rhys Davies, Leon O'Regan and Dan Stewart.

August 11, 2010

USA 2010 Itinerary

Sorry to have abandoned the blog of late, but i've been busy planning my USA trip for this September.

Here's the proof:

September/October - AUS Invasion:

14 - Arrive NY - late
15 - Find Stu Spasm / Something called Night Train @ Motor City Bar
16 - Super Wild Horses @ Cameo Bar
17 - Go to Coney Island, eat ice cream / WEEN @ Rumsey Playfield
18 - NY-->Philly - Cheesesteaks
19 - Phillies vs Washington Nationals / Gentleman Jesse & Strange Boys @ Kung Fu Neck Tie
20 - $1 beer at Khyber Bar / UV, Total Control & Pissed Jeans @ The OX
21 - Philly --> Memphis 
22 - Goner
23 - Goner
24 - Goner
25 - Goner
26 - Goner
27 - Hanging around Memphis/Texas/New Orleans
28 - Hanging around Memphis/Texas/New Orleans
29 - Hanging around Memphis/Texas/New Orleans
30 - Hanging around Memphis/Texas/New Orleans
1 - Hanging around Memphis/Texas/New Orleans
2 - KANS-ASS! Scion Garage Festivale
3 - Git the fuck outta KANS-ASS!
4 - Hope to be closing in on NY - Hopefully see a Yankee's game- that they lose!
5 - Git on the plane to go home!
6 - Flyin' on the plane, loaded
7 - Land in Melbz, might have to go to work that day!

So if you are from any of these locales and want to go to some record stores or chug beer, get in touch. I'd be keen for any tips too! 

Also, if you're looking for some good tunes download this Greg Oblivian guest host spot on some radio station from Oh Robot blog:

It's really good, key tracks: Geno Washington - You Got Me Hummin' and Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey

August 07, 2010

Pivixki album launch, tonight at The Tote

Pivixki is Max Kohane(Agents of Abhorrence/Cut Sick/Brain Children) and Experimental sound-king Anthony Pateras. The pair have released their CD "Gravissima" on Lexicon Devil Records which has been circulating well throughout the mainframe hq. Tonight they will release it at The Tote with one of the finest line-ups imaginable.

Pivixki 11.50 – 12.30

True Radical Miracle 10.45 – 11.30
Chrome Dome 9.40 - 10.20
Total Control 8.30 – 9.10

This show is $10.

Here are two reviews, both worth reading for different reasons.

The Dwarf