June 25, 2011

WOOLY BULLY - new record store in Melbourne

Wooly Bully is opening for business on July 1st, and to celebrate we're having
Super Wild Horses play in-store at 6pm.

We're stocking a carefully chosen range of records - LP and 7" - covering garage, punk and weird stuff as well as some country, pop and classic curve balls. There's some local cassette tape action too. NO CDs!

Our comics include vintage freak-out kooks, classic and contemporary undergrounds, and mostly in single issue format... one-shots and series. We've got some TPBs and beautiful graphic novels and books and the odd magazine too.

From 9am you can come in for Supreme coffee (a blend of Rainforest Alliance beans), amazing organic and locally-sourced produce both sweet and savoury (to give you an idea of what to expect, the incredible Emma is curing salmon in gin as we speak!), other hot drinkable things and organic juices and fizz.

If you like stuff you're going to love Wooly Bully.