October 24, 2009

Late Arvo Sons Interview

Here's some of an interview i did with the Late Arvo Sons, it's going to be in the next Negative Guestlist zine which is made in Brisbane. Go to the NGL myspace for more info at http://www.myspace.com/brisbanefanzine.

F- Frosty
K- Kent
M- Mark
S- Stu
Z- Zac

Z- Where was the first gig?

M- Cobra Bar, in the first week of December 2007 with Pretty Green.

Z- So where did the name Late Arvo Sons come about?

M- We started jamming in March of 07 and didn't do our first gig till November, we figured out the name after struggling for months in about mid October. We had a few names that we couldn't all agree on- in fact i don't think we all agreed on the Late Arvo Sons initially.

I was at work one afternoon and it'd been a hot day, it was getting late in the day and i said to my boss how nice or great is it in the late arvo sun. We were working right on the beach and i just immediately messaged the boys, what do you think of this? and i did a little play on words with the s-o-n-s instead. And it was pretty much that and i dunno i think one or 2 of us weren't into it at first but it just kind of grew on us. We were just like "It suits us enough, and we're at our wits end with thinking of names" and i think we did pretty well really.

Z- So is this the first band for you all?

K- First band-ers.

F- Kent and Stu used to jam years ago a bit.

K- Yeah the first time we jammed was at Mount Buller, when we were living there. Remember that? You used that tobogin for a bass drum and wooden spoons for sticks! And we played Nirvana covers and shit. Then we stepped up to Stu's nan's house before we moved to the shed playing Pennywise covers.