October 30, 2009

Chuck Biscuits not dead?

There's a hoax going around that Chuck Biscuits is dead- apparently he isn't. In the article notifying his death, it states that he died after a long battle with throat cancer at age 44.

He's been one of my favourite drummers,
Biscuits drummed for all of em- Black Flag, DOA, Fear, Run D.M.C, The Weirdos, Danzig, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion and a band i wish i could get demos of- The Nig Heist. He's featured on the 1982 Black Flag demos which contain a good portion of the My War songs.

DOA circa 1980
L-R Randy Rampage, Joey Shithead and Chuck Biscuits.

Black Flag circa 1982
L-R Chuck Dukowski, Henry Garfield, Greg Ginn, Chuck Biscuits & Dez Cadena

Circle Jerks circa 1983
L-R Keith Morris, Chuck Biscuits & Greg Hetson

Read the hoax stories about the main man here.

Check out the Punk News article here.

October 29, 2009


November playlist:

1. Ty Segall - The Drag
2. Ooga Boogas - On Safari
3. Bobby Ubangi(RIP) - Another Girl Like You
4. Reatards - Human Race
5. Personal & The Pizzas - I Ain't Taking You Out
6. Tyvek - Honda
7. Thee Oh Sees - Heart Sweats
8. The Gories - Early In The Morning
9. Black Flag - Spray Paint The Walls
10. Questors - Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
11. Useless Eaters - Agoraphobic
12. Quintron - The Beach
13. The Stabs - The Hated One
14. Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
15. The Black Lips - Body Combat

October 27, 2009

Last Tram Home Presents...

Melbourne man about town and occasional blogger T.J Honeysuckle is hosting the first(and hopefully not the only!) "Last Tram Home Presents". The bands playing are Late Arvo Sons, Crystal Thomas & The Flowers Of Evil and Aktion Unit. Honeysuckle will be manning the dj booth to play some of your favourites and many of his. It's $8 and it will be excellent!

If you haven't seen his blog Last Tram Home, you might need to free up your afternoon.

October 25, 2009

This week is rad

Hey dudes, this week is looking pretty sweet for gigs.





- DOZERS at Pony. Free


- ROLAND S HOWARD at Prince Bandroom with KES BAND and THE DACIOS
$22.00 + bf. Doors at 8!

- BREAKER MORANT, THE BEAT DISEASE, BEAR HUNT and MR. BLISTER at Pony Bar. Free or cheap, whatever!


THE STABS album launch at The Tote wit
h WITCH HATS and THE SADDESTS. $12 (Go early for Total Döughstruction- $5 pints and free pizza with DJ Dagnabbit)

USELESS CHILDREN (Album Launch) at Northcote Social Club with TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE and THE DIAMOND SEA. $12


LIMITED EXPRESS (has gone?) (Japan) at East Brunswick Club with BEACHES, NI-HAO! (Japan) with ABSOLUTE BOYS. $15 + bf


see you round-

October 24, 2009

Woollen Kits Interview

Here's some of the interview i did with Woollen Kits, it was a lot of fun. It's going to be out in the next Negative Guestlist zine. Go to the NGL myspace for more info at http://www.myspace.com/brisbanefanzine.

L- Leon
TH- Tom H
TR- Tom R
Z- Zac

Z- So how did you guys meet?

TH- Girlfriends.

TR- Yeah, Santa Maria girls. They went to Santa Maria College.

Z- How long ago was that then?

TH- Leon and i met maybe like 5 years ago and then we would have met Tom like 3 years ago or something.

TR- Yeah, all our girlfriends are like best friends. So thats kind of how we met.

Z- So did they set you guys up to be friends as well?

TR- Nah it's just incidental that we started hanging out, it's kind of weird how we play together now.

Z- Are you guys in any other bands right now?

TR- I'm in Constant Mongrel

TH- I just started playing with Simon from Yama Boy.

Z- Do you have a collective favourite band?

TH- Tyvek would be the most common favourite between us, maybe Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

TR- UV, yeah UV Race is a favourite of ours.

Z- Whats the best Woollen Kits song so far?

TH- Probably Teenage Love

Z- Is that a very personal song?

TH- Kinda, i guess the lyrics sought of are. They all are i guess.

TR- All of them relate to his girlfriend Lori.

TH- It's like how the Beach Boys always sung about girls except for me it's just one.

Z- So if you fuck up, you just write a song and she forgives you?

TH- Yeah pretty much. I always wanted to write a song with the word Teenage in the title. Teenage Lobotomy, Teenage Caveman, Teenage Warewolf.

Jem Maloney interview

Hey here's some of an interview i did with Jem Moloney of We Empty Rooms Records and drummer of Firewitch, Fangs of..., Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour and Elise & Jem.

The full version is going to be in Negative Guestlist.
Go to the NGL myspace for more info at http://www.myspace.com/brisbanefanzine.

J- Jem
Z- Zac

Z- So We Empty Rooms, what is it? Give us the spiel.

J- When Firewitch did our first cd which was in like 2004, i guess that was the first release i put out where i organised every little detail. But i didn't know really what a record label was, so i didn't come up with a name for the label. I remember just thinking "yeah we'll just put it out independently". Then sought of after a while i began to realise a lot of these local labels were really just kind of doing what my band had always done which was putting out your record, you know with varying degrees of professionalism. We Empty Rooms was originally meant to be more of a collaborative effort, like i wanted it to be with this guy that i used to be in a band with- The Union.

I guess theres many good bands that all share something- particularly members. I guess a sought of place they could have to give their records a home. Then it kind of worked out that it was only me that was doing stuff so yeah technically i run the label but i like to take the approach that for every release whoever the other band is actively involved as well. So Jace in Fangs Of... he's pretty involved in that he does the artwork for the Fangs Of... records. He also helps me screen print the covers, fold them and glue them and all that laborious stuff. It's really just a hobby that i happen to be very passionate about.

The ideas just to get music that i really like heard by people that want to hear it. So if it means that a release only needs to have 50 copies if thats as many people that want to hear it then thats fine. I'm about to put out the 11th release and i've come to realise that because i hand make all the stuff, kinda gonna have to stick to limited runs. I can't every week be screen printing new covers it's just so time consuming.

Late Arvo Sons Interview

Here's some of an interview i did with the Late Arvo Sons, it's going to be in the next Negative Guestlist zine which is made in Brisbane. Go to the NGL myspace for more info at http://www.myspace.com/brisbanefanzine.

F- Frosty
K- Kent
M- Mark
S- Stu
Z- Zac

Z- Where was the first gig?

M- Cobra Bar, in the first week of December 2007 with Pretty Green.

Z- So where did the name Late Arvo Sons come about?

M- We started jamming in March of 07 and didn't do our first gig till November, we figured out the name after struggling for months in about mid October. We had a few names that we couldn't all agree on- in fact i don't think we all agreed on the Late Arvo Sons initially.

I was at work one afternoon and it'd been a hot day, it was getting late in the day and i said to my boss how nice or great is it in the late arvo sun. We were working right on the beach and i just immediately messaged the boys, what do you think of this? and i did a little play on words with the s-o-n-s instead. And it was pretty much that and i dunno i think one or 2 of us weren't into it at first but it just kind of grew on us. We were just like "It suits us enough, and we're at our wits end with thinking of names" and i think we did pretty well really.

Z- So is this the first band for you all?

K- First band-ers.

F- Kent and Stu used to jam years ago a bit.

K- Yeah the first time we jammed was at Mount Buller, when we were living there. Remember that? You used that tobogin for a bass drum and wooden spoons for sticks! And we played Nirvana covers and shit. Then we stepped up to Stu's nan's house before we moved to the shed playing Pennywise covers.

October 15, 2009

Nobunny loves you!!!

Nobunny's alleged "WORST SHOW OF 2008"! live at Lauren and Gavin's wedding shower, 2008

Woollen Kits new 7" and Launch

Melbourne's Woollen Kits are putting a 7" out on Friday October 23rd, here's the flyer

Here's the 7" cover

"Teenage Love"
A1. Tasman
A2. By A Lake
B1. Haircut
B2. Teenage Love


Hey there sports fans first up at the Pony we have Melbourne's JJ Symon & The Monochromes take on Eltham's The Thod followed by a post game show by the Melbourne Yis.

Then on Saturday the 31st YIS play at the Tote in the front bar which means, it's free!

Check out the YIS blog

The Stabs new album Dead Wood

The Stabs have just released their second album entitled "Dead Wood", it's out on Spooky Records. Really excited to see it finally come out.

They've got their Album launches real soon, which are also Witch Hats EP launches for Sydney and Brisbane.

Melbourne Album Launch 30th of Oct @ The Tote w/ Witch Hats + The Saddests

Brisbane Albums Launch 13th of Nov @ The Clubhouse w/ Witch Hats

Sydney Album Launch 20th of Nov @ The Sandringham w/ Witch Hats

Then Spooky Records' 10th Birthday Patrty @ The Tote 28th of November

29 Nov @ THE NATIONAL HOTEL Geelong with Lightning Bolt and Grey Daturas

October 12, 2009

My Disco, Beaches, Your Animal and Brain Children DJs

My Disco with Beaches, Your Animal and Brain Children DJs.

Saturday 17th October at The Forum.

More info here

Late Arvo Sons film clip launch

Late Arvo Sons launch the film clip for the song Skin this Thursday 15th Oct in the cobra bar at the Tote. 7.30 start, 8.00 screening then a quick set afterwards.


This was a good time!

I got in just before the film clip was played. It was filmed at The Tote and unfortunately i can't remember the name of the guy who made it(i'll add it here when i find out!), anyways it came out looking really cool. It was a cold and rainy night but there was a good group of people there for the showing. To celebrate it, the guys played a few songs.

October 11, 2009

October 09, 2009

Annandale Hotel

Sydney's Hopetoun Hotel closed about a week ago, now it looks as if The Annandale might as well. While i've never been to the Hopetoun it was a bummer to hear of it's closure, no venue being closed is good. The difference for me with The Annandale is that i really like the place. For us in Melbourne we're really lucky to have a heap of good pub/venues in The Tote, The Old Bar, The Birmy, The Corner etc. But Sydney isn't quite so blessed, so this is a real shame.

The Hopetoun in Surry Hills, Sydney

The Annandale in Annandale, Sydney

The article from the Sydney Morning Herald

October 05, 2009

Fan Death Records

So i just got a package from Fan Death Records, easily one of my top 5 American labels.

I suggest you check them out- along with Goner, Shattered, Hozac and Fashionable Idiots.


The New Flesh - S/T (x2)

Boulders - The Spring Tapes Vol. 1


Wzt Hearts - Heatchief

The New Flesh - Parasite


Fresh Meat - S/T

Mass Movement Of The MOTH!!!/Sing! Sing! PRISON! Split

Helpgnashred - Bank Note Torture Chamber

Clockcleaner - Frogrammer

Drunkdriver - Knife Day

Pink Reason - Borrowed Time


Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker

Golden Error - S/T

Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant

LSD And The Search For God

Hard Ons 25th Anniversary Tour

This Friday - Digger & The Pussycats are playing at The Tote, this is a pre Euro tour show and attendance is a MUST. Might be $10, maybe more!

The Hard Ons are about set off on a national tour for their 25th Anniversary.

Here's the dates - see them when they hit your town.

For the Melbourne show these are the supports:

"USELESS CHILDREN": powerful 3 piece from the ashes of CutSick. The drummer/singer is KILLER - plays as if her life depends on it.

"KILLER BIRDS": recommended to us via members of Cosmic Psychos, no surprise that they sound like them. Wonderful new band, 4 piece all-female powerhouse.

"WICKED CITY": time and time again, the best band in Australia, an exciting driving three piece, with lashings of musical virtuosity.

"DR. EL SUAVO": One man masked comedy wrecking ball, needs no introduction.

10 Oct 2009 8:30 P
Corner Hotel Melbourne, Victoria
16 Oct 2009 9:00 P
Lonnie’s Launceston, Tasmania
17 Oct 2009 7:30 P
Republic Bar Hobart, Tasmania
23 Oct 2009 8:00 P
Mona Vale Hotel Mona Vale, New South Wales
24 Oct 2009 8:00 P
Bizzo’s Carringbah, New South Wales
30 Oct 2009 8:00 P
Rosemount Hotel North Perth, Western Australia
31 Oct 2009 8:00 P
Prince of Wales Bunbury, Western Australia
1 Nov 2009 6:00 P
Newport Hotel Fremantle, Western Australia
5 Nov 2009 8:00 P
6 Nov 2009 8:00 P
Step Inn Brisbane, Queensland
8 Nov 2009 8:30 P
Bon Amici Cafe´ Toowoomba, Queensland
12 Dec 2009 8:00 P
Gaelic Theatre Sydney, New South Wales

October 04, 2009

Rowland S Howard vs UV RACE

Yo lazy sunday peeps, get outta bed and go to the Newtown Workers Club for Rowland S Howard with a band featuring JP Shilo, Mick Harvey and Brian Hooper.

Playing times:

Kirin J. Calinan (5.30)
St Helens (6.45)
Roland S. Howard (8pm)

Word is spreading fast and it could sell out before Rowland and band hit stage so get there early. This is $10, if you think that's expensive then stay home.

The U.V Race are hosting a listening party for their new LP at 221 Blyth St, that says 5pm today.

October 03, 2009

Teen Archer Interview

Over the weekend Zac found a christmas gift voucher for bowling and took Teen Archer to Crown Casino. We spent the $70 on beers and bowling, it was a good time.

A= Alex Macfarlane - Drums for Teen Archer

G= Gus Lord - Bass and Vocals for Teen Archer

J= Jack Petty - Mainframer

Z= Zac Oblivian - Mainframer

Alex & Gus

Z: So how long have you guys been playing for now?

G: We started in October last year, so it's like exactly a year ago since we started.

Z: I've noticed you guys play a lot of shows with bands that you don't sound at all alike- you also play a lot of different venues and don't seem to be playing in a certain scene.

G: It just kind of came about as a thing of just being stoked at the fact that we could actually play a show.

A: I think it's because the people that run the shows on the internet are really polite and so people who are offering us any gigs, we'll just sort of take it.

G: And it's only recently that we've started to organise our own shows, so really any good bands we've played with is really by default so we've been lucky.

A: You know the fact that we're overage now has made it pretty cool in that we can have more beer fuelled shows. As opposed to our parents having to drive us to every gig.

J: So are there many bands you guys haven't played with that you want to?

G: Yeah i'd love to see us play with Deaf Wish, actually any of the Flip Out bands really. We're all listening to Royal Headache at the moment.

Z: So i guess Flip Out was probably the biggest show you've played so far, what was it like being involved?

A: Yeah it was a really cool day you know, but it was funny we all kind of had this moment when we watched Pink Reason were we felt our band was just so insignificant under the weight of their heavy avant. Maybe because they have meaning behind their songs.

J: At their Sydney warehouse show, they made a guy pass out. Like we were watching and i was like "Man i feel a bit ill" and this guy actually dropped to the ground. I guess it was just too much for him or something.

Z: You know that's funny because at that show i thought the beer really got to me, that Reches will do it every time.

A: Yeah we were drinking Toohey's New which i hadn't had before and it was alright.

Z: Best gig?

G: We played a house show a while ago that was sick.

A: Yeah that was awesome

G: We played a show with Useless Children and Super Wild Horses, that was cool too.

A: That gig was particularly good because we saw the other bands do such good sets.

G: It's pretty rare for us to stick around and watch the other bands purely because, well we discussed that eariler.

J: Worst?

G: The worst, yeah i'd been at a staff party at Strike, bowling! There was a huge bar tab and i got incredibly wasted. We were playing at a Streetparty event- Pogo or something.

J & Z: Fuck that.

G: We thought since it was Streetparty we'd be stupid about it and get face masks.

A: Which all broke before we got onstage.

G: Yeah so we ended up playing in our underpants. I broke my bass and amp. I don't know if i broke someone elses amp exactly but it did stop working while i was playing it. So that was pretty bad, especially for me because the other guys were sober.

Z: How did the Streetparty crowd take you?

G: Surprisingly alright, there was a couple of hipsters up the back- arms crossed.

A: There was a few real rowdy kids up front rocking out. One of them came up to me and was like "You guys sounded like Pantera!" and put his arm around me.

G: We get alot of weird comparisons at gigs like, "Oh you guys sound like Blue Oyster Cult! or Turbonegro!" and my mum does it too, she's like "Oh i can hear the blues in that!" and she has no idea what she's talking about.

Z: You guys haven't had Calum on sax in the band the whole time, was that something you wanted to add for a while or did it just happen?

G: We thought about it but it was hard to find the right sax player because their either like classically trained and have the wrong idea or their completely shit and can't play but have the right idea. So luckily Calum falls somewhere in the middle of that.

J: He doesn't play on every song, how do you guys figure out when to have him?

A: Well it's kind of like when he come up with a good line or something.

G: I see it as we have our 4/4 punky stuff and then the more rhythmic bass driven thing and thats usually where he slots in there.

Z: Anything coming out soon?

G: We've got our 10 inch coming out which is being pressed as we speak.

A: And it's gonna be on like swirly textured vinyl which is like the offcuts of other bands vinyl. Which means we got a discount on it, so it's gonna look really cool. I'm just hoping there won't be other bands music on it on bits of it.

J: How did recording go for that?

G: We did it about 8 months ago, we're ready to release something else. But we self funded it so it was really expensive and it was in a particularly expensive studio as well.

Z: And who's putting it out?

G: EXO Records, which has stuff like Bachelor Of Arts, The Night Terrors and Alex's other band Breaker Morant. It was funny because Bachelor Of Arts asked us to play a show and we thought we totally fucked it up but Kody came out after and asked us to go with them.

Jack & Gus

Thanks to Alex and Gus of Teen Archer

Go to Exo Records for more info.