March 08, 2010

The Hellmenn

Sydney's finest, The Hellmenn have decided to put out a cd of rare and unreleased recordings. This looks fantastic. I noticed it on display at Missing Link when i was asking about the Royal Headache 7"(which! is STILL on it's way...). So anyway, this cd looks like it'll have a lot of love in March.

Here's what Missing Link have to say on it,

"Second, and very exciting for us, the first release on our new reissue label JUNKYARD RECORDS has hit the shelves! Sydney's HELLMENN have a legendary reputation for their high volume, high energy, ear bleeder live shows and vinyl platters, and this Thermo Nuclear Sonic Burn Out CD compiles tracks from 87-93, including their first 2 EPs and various rare and unreleased tunes. This is very exciting for us, especially considering we just put the GOD CD on the shelf last week! Great to see Australian r'n'r from that period getting it's due!

JUNKYARD is a reissue label we run out of the store now that is primarily focused on digging through the refuse of Australia's vinyl past and making certain forgotten and neglected moments in our rich history get bl'asted again!"

The band is doing 1 show only at Monster Session- (if only i could afford to do the trip to Sydney and see this...)

Check out the Monster Session line-up: