March 28, 2010

R.I.P Drunkdriver

To quote PopJew from her post about the recent news of Drunkdriver breaking up,

"Unfortunately, this amazing band has come to an untimely end based on reasons I have no desire to repeat nor the will to comment on. But one thing's for sure, I loved seeing Drunkdriver and the world of music will miss them."

I've been caining the Born Pregnant LP, the Fire Sale 7" and mostly the Knife Day 7". I'm really keen to hear this new record which was supposed coming out April 14th on LOAD Records but they have since decided not to release it. Head to Mishka Blog to get the scoop then head to Washington City Paper to read about Load's recent decision. I'm really bummed to hear about the band breaking up. Can't help but think it's only a matter of time till Pygmy Shrews suffer the same fate. Really wish i'd had the chance to see Drunkdriver.

-I found this interesting, Kevin from Pink Reason said this on their facebook,

"If you happen to be privy to the controversery surrounding the band Drunkdriver, you should know that I support both Jeremy and the band and if you do not, please, add Pink Reason to your list of bands to boycott, we do not want your business."

This seems to be happening to a few of their records at the moment...