March 28, 2010

R.I.P Drunkdriver

To quote PopJew from her post about the recent news of Drunkdriver breaking up,

"Unfortunately, this amazing band has come to an untimely end based on reasons I have no desire to repeat nor the will to comment on. But one thing's for sure, I loved seeing Drunkdriver and the world of music will miss them."

I've been caining the Born Pregnant LP, the Fire Sale 7" and mostly the Knife Day 7". I'm really keen to hear this new record which was supposed coming out April 14th on LOAD Records but they have since decided not to release it. Head to Mishka Blog to get the scoop then head to Washington City Paper to read about Load's recent decision. I'm really bummed to hear about the band breaking up. Can't help but think it's only a matter of time till Pygmy Shrews suffer the same fate. Really wish i'd had the chance to see Drunkdriver.

-I found this interesting, Kevin from Pink Reason said this on their facebook,

"If you happen to be privy to the controversery surrounding the band Drunkdriver, you should know that I support both Jeremy and the band and if you do not, please, add Pink Reason to your list of bands to boycott, we do not want your business."

This seems to be happening to a few of their records at the moment...

March 25, 2010

Happy Hate Me Nots

Happy Hate Me Nots were a Sydney band that didn't ever receive much commercial success. A 2CD collection of songs was released on Feel Presents in 2006. This band should do some reunion shows soon. I found a link for a download of one of their albums. Post a comment if you want me to find it again.


Okay sports fans, go to SHOTGUN SOLUTION to download some of the early singles by the band. I know i did. Enjoy!

March 24, 2010


Ben Frost is a Sydney based artist. He has a new show opening tomorrow at Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. His work is tongue-in-cheek and often shocking with use of common logos and well known advertising examples. Juxtaposing good and bad with sex and violence, humour and criticism.

To check out more, go to

March 18, 2010

PBS FM, tonight 2-6 AM

Me and my buddy Ruby are gonna be on the radio tonight on

PBS - 106.7FM

We'll be playing tracks, shooting the shit and playing it off legit.

Call the station and say hi or request a song even on:

03 8415 1832

March 17, 2010

Wednesday at OLD BAR, yeah dude

Tonight (Wednesday March 17th) i'm Dj'ing at the Old Bar with Jimi O Crack.

Bands playing are:

Wil Wagner & The Smith St Band
Breaker Morant
Chaos Kids
Jess Shulman

Put down the sangria and come stare at me from a dark corner.

now i'm leaving my house to go drink free liqour at ACCA.

March 11, 2010

Wooden Shjips

After performing at Golden Plains over the weekend, the Wooden Shjips played a set of songs at PBS in Collingwood. I was doing some volunteering when they came in so i took a few photos.

Also, you can listen to their set here >

- You just have to register as a new user to PBS then go to the LISTEN LIVE page, then click on RADIO ON DEMAND and go to the show CITY SLANG and enter MARCH 10th 2010.

March 08, 2010

The Hellmenn

Sydney's finest, The Hellmenn have decided to put out a cd of rare and unreleased recordings. This looks fantastic. I noticed it on display at Missing Link when i was asking about the Royal Headache 7"(which! is STILL on it's way...). So anyway, this cd looks like it'll have a lot of love in March.

Here's what Missing Link have to say on it,

"Second, and very exciting for us, the first release on our new reissue label JUNKYARD RECORDS has hit the shelves! Sydney's HELLMENN have a legendary reputation for their high volume, high energy, ear bleeder live shows and vinyl platters, and this Thermo Nuclear Sonic Burn Out CD compiles tracks from 87-93, including their first 2 EPs and various rare and unreleased tunes. This is very exciting for us, especially considering we just put the GOD CD on the shelf last week! Great to see Australian r'n'r from that period getting it's due!

JUNKYARD is a reissue label we run out of the store now that is primarily focused on digging through the refuse of Australia's vinyl past and making certain forgotten and neglected moments in our rich history get bl'asted again!"

The band is doing 1 show only at Monster Session- (if only i could afford to do the trip to Sydney and see this...)

Check out the Monster Session line-up:

March 05, 2010

Lou Barlow instore today at Missing Link

Mr. Lou Barlow of Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jnr fame is playing a free show today.

Missing Link, 5pm!

He's also playing some tunes at some point during Golden Plains....

March 03, 2010

Golden Plains Festival March 6-8

Golden Plains festival is this weekend in Meredith

This is the 4th Golden Plains festival and it's looking like it'll be pretty rad.

If you were planning to come to Melbourne this would be a good time as theres heaps of sweet shows on.

This years line up:

Saturday, March 6

2-2.05pm Opening Ceremony
2.05-2.40pm Royal Headache
3-3.45pm The Crayon Fields
4.05-4.45pm Clairy Baby Browne And The Bangin Rackettes
5.05-5.45pm Monotonix
6.15-7:05pm The Big Pink
7.35-8:45pm Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
9.15-10.35pm Pavement
11.05-12.25am Dinosaur Jr
12.35-2am Andee Frost
2-3.30am Ransom
3.30-6am Scattermusic Sound System
6-10am Silence Wedge

(Interstitial soundtrack by Mohair Slim and Brain Children)

Sunday, March 7

10.10-10.45am Super Wild Horses
11-11.15am Why Music Is Good For Your Brain
11.20am-12:00pm Jack Ladder
12.20-1.10pm Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
1.40-2.30pm Wooden Shjips
2.50-3.40pm Space Invadas
4.05-4.55pm Nashville Pussy
5.25-6.25pm Dirty Projectors
6.55-7.45pm Tame Impala
8.15-9.30pm Calexico
10-11pm The Cruel Sea
11.30-12.30am Midnight Juggernauts
12.45-2am Opulent Sound
2-3am Gaslamp Killer
3-5am Optimo
5am Silence Wedge
1pm Gates Close


"Essentially this is a self-policing policy whereby 'the dickhead' is not celebrated at the festival. Dickheads or people involved in dickhead behaviour will usually find that a solid citizen will firmly but politely inform them that their dickhead behaviour is not admired or appreciated. The Dickhead will usually realize they are being a dickhead and pull their head in. If not, our Helpers or Staff or even Security might make a discreet intervention.

So if you are a Dickhead, this festival isn't for you."