October 15, 2011

Maggot Fest II

Well, it's time for Maggot Fest again. This time Tim Scott has expanded his rock 'n' roll festival to Brisbane as well as Melbourne and Sydney. Today is actually the Brisbane one so go check that shit out yo-

Brisbane Maggot Fest @ Woodland
Kitchen's Floor 
Chrome Dome 
Mere Women 
Martyr Privates 

Melbourne Maggot Fest @ The Tote - October 29th
The Sailors
+ Native Cats 
+ Bitch Prefect 
+ Woollen Kits 
+ Terrible Truths 
+ Unity Floors 
+ Chook Race
+ Tax 
+ Bad Aches 
+ Marf Loth
+ Per Purpose 
+ Deep Heat

Sydney Maggot Fest @ Red Rattler - November 5th
The Sailors
Royal Headache 
+ Bits of Shit
+ Chrome Dome 
+ Repairs 
+ Terrible Truths 
+ Chook Race 
+ Per Purpose 
+ Tough Troubles 
+ Thee Mighty Childish 
+ Bad Aches 
+ Ally Oop and the Hoopsters

I'll be at the Melbourne and Sydney Maggot Fest's. My buddy Jack and I are djing the Melbourne Maggot Fest.  I fly back from the US into Melbourne the same day, 10:30am at Tullamarine baby.