June 25, 2010

Bits Of Shit 7"

Hey sports fans, I got a hot tip for you.

There's a band you may or may not know about called the BITS OF SHIT. B.O.S has members of The Ooga Boogas and The Sailors. They've just put out a 7 inch called 'Dirty Bomb', it's a real gem of a record too. Check out what Missing Link have said about it:

'The Debut from this raucous local ratbag quartet comprised of folk from the OOGA BOOGAS / THE SAILORS /THE UP SYNDROME Etc.. Title cut plus 'Prime' , 'Tim Hemensley' / 'Gailforce'. Recorded by Mikey From EDDY CURRENT and a hand numbered edish of 300 copies with insert ! WE THINK THIS IS THE SHIT !'

ALSO, I did an interview with Andy (-Guitars) and Stacky (-Bass) over the weekend at The Napier Hotel. It's going to be in an upcoming issue of Negative Guest List.

I'm trying to find a picture of the cover but you see i'm at work and I can't use Myspace. Deal with it.