June 09, 2010

Royal Headache at Carriageworks

I'm such a drunken fool!
I was fiddling with my camera while R.H were on and managed to delete all the photos i'd taken during my time in Sydney. I bought a bunch of records, saw some bands and drank big with my main man Nathan.

I saw King Khan & BBQ Show do their second last ever performance- at the Sydney Opera House no less. It was a strange show compared to the night previous at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. Melbourne was a pretty regular show- get drunk and dance for a few hours. The crowd at the Sydney show was dead, they refused to boogie. Then, KK&BBQ didn't play as good. After the show a bunch of hung around Opera House with King Khan drinking and smoking. Then he kind of freaked out and BBQ was telling me he wasn't interested in playing with KK anymore and that he was acting like a rockstar, "As if he's in Kiss or something". Then we drank at Bar Broadway till 4. If you're interested in reading some tall tales by KK, read this. It's an account of his time at the Opera House.

Here's some photos of Royal Headache playing at Carriageworks.