June 08, 2010

Records For Sale

Hey, just passing on a list of records Brendon from Negative Guestlist Zine is selling.

If you want to buy any of these, send an email through to him to:


Pass this onto anyone who might be interested in any of these also.



Black Lips – Not A Problem b/w Dirty Hands Single (Vice Records debut)

Black Lips – O Katrina EP (Aus Tour Single #66/400)

Black Lips/Demons Claw – split EP (Single Series Ed. on Norton Records. Two of the biggest/best.)

Black Orphan – Transmission EP (Hozac Reg. Cover /400)

Black Orphan – s/t (Glow in the Dark cover /100 http://www.myspace.com/gucciquattro)

Blank Dogs – Yellow mice sleep (Proflic baby HoZac /200 copies)

Blank Dogs – The Doorbell Fire (Sweet Rot Records /400 copies)

Blank Dogs – In A Web EP (Daggerman /400 copies)

Bold Ones – Open Your Mouth EP (OG HoZac garage/party punk, pre-vagina wave)

Coco-Coma – 6 ¼ – 125 b/w Take my Time Single (Goner Records)

Contaminators – s/t (First EP from killer neo-KBD band http://www.myspace.com/contaminators)

Crossed Eyes – Rattled Eyes (HC dudes doing killer Irish influenced powerpop)

Dead Ghosts – What to Do b/w God Only Knows (Sick Black Lips/60s style basement spook)

Dead Wife – s/t EP (Female froned party thrash from Canada)

Electric Shadows – Break the Rules b/w Shes All You Got (Douchemaster Records stoner glam)

The Fluid – Tin Top Toy b/w Tomorrow (Sub Pop)

Ganglians – Album Bonus EP (Havent listened /500)

Ghetto Ways – Party Bag EP (limited to 400/White vinyl packed in plastic bag. Party garage punk)

Girls of the Gravitron – s/t EP (Limited Tour Ed. #16/100 Homemade pop)

Heart Beatz – Secret Girls EP (White vinyl /100 copies. Druggy powerpop/svb-Screamers pisstake)

Hunx and his Punx – You Dont Like Rock N Roll (Rare debut EP w/ Dick sticker scratched off)

The Hunt – One Thousand Nights (NY Cold-wave/art punk. Pre-Sacred Bones)

Imaginary Icons – Eye-Cons Single (NY art punk http://www.myspace.com/imaginaryicons)

LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum (Get laid)

Love Battery – Between the Eyes b/w Easter (90s, Sub Pop)

Mark McCoy – The Chzech Is in the Mail EP (spoken word madness, like Armand Schaubroek)

Melt Banana – 666 6 inch EP (rare colored spazz core/freakout slut nosie)

Menthols – 848 EP (Marble Blue Vinyl /100. Clangy, dissonant street rock on Floridas Dying)

Nice Face – Thing in my Head EP (Debut of wasted bedroom-wave punk. Special Edition Sleeve /100)

The Observers – Lead Pill (Canada punk http://www.myspace.com/swallowaleadpilldown)

Poster Children – Thinner, Stronger b/w Pointed Stick (90s, Sub Pop)

Rodent Plague – Blue Wave EP (Ex-A Frames member doing solo Kraut-influenced shit. Creepy and tense.)

Sabouters – s/t EP (Drug fucked Cali. KBD)

Scaphists – s/t EP (raw garage/shitgaze crossover http://www.myspace.com/scaphists)

Sharp End – Crack Trap EP (Canadian Ian Curtis/Warsaw worship. Heavy)

The Shemps – To Hell and Back EP (Fleshies/Sick Fits style garage http://www.myspace.com/theshemps)

Shit Eagle – Girls at School EP (blown out weird-punk w/ limited /100 spray painted/stickered cover)

Sick Es – s/t EP (Cali synth KBD)

Sick Es – Mankind EP (Better EP of Cali Synth KBD)

Sonic Chicken 4 – Don't Let Me Down b/w Sonic Night Single (Black Lips/Hasil Adkins garage from France)

Sonic Chicken 4 – Toe Man b/w Midnight Girl Single (Blue Vinyl http://www.myspace.com/sonicchicken4)

SPIDER – Back to the Wall b/w Down and Out Single (Powerpop/Punk Reissue)

SYZ – Complicated EP (Sick early HoZac release)

Tuff Bananas – Dance to Rock N Roll EP (modern bubblegum shit, sick. http://www.myspace.com/bananashalalalala)

Vivian Girls – I Cant Stay Single (First release on In the Red, pre-Pitchfork fingering)

Volt – s/t EP (Green Edition /200) http://www.myspace.com/voltklub

Wax Museums – Claw You Like a Cat EP (Red Vinyl /200 HoZac)

Wax Museums – Magnet EP (Fashionable Idiots/Mike Sniper BLANK DAWGS artwork)

Wicked Awesomes- Information Entropy (Gypsy punk/weird pop shit on Almost Ready)

Young Offenders – Situations EP (Irish powerpop on Parts unknown, like Wipers/Wedding Present)


Blank Dogs – On Two Sides (Rare Fuck It Tapes pressing of first LP. Sounds better on tape)

Blank Dogs – untitled (Bonus cassette that came w/ limited version of first LP. 100 copies)

Car Commercials -

Vivian Girls – s/t (Rare Fuck It Tapes pressing of first LP. Sounds better on tape)