July 19, 2010

Doncaster Shopping Town

Al (Straightjacket Nation, UV Race and Dick Diver) with Jensen (Deaf Wish) have joined forces to make Doncaster Shopping Town. Gotta love the Donnie reppin'. Not sure what this sounds like but i've heard the words 'Acoustic' and 'Country' thrown around. Definitely worth a look-in.

Also on bill is School Of Radiant Living and Woollen Kits who both played good sets yesterday opening for Perth's Golden Staph. Actually, while i was watching Woollen Kits i kept hearing Cheater Slicks which i thought was really cool. They're actually going to Sydney soon too for anyone on the northern tip. I'll throw the flyer up for it as the shows are closer. Loving Tom Hardisty's distro 'Indian Girl', the best place for my money in 2010.