July 14, 2010

UV RACE - USA 2010

UV's are heading over to the States in August/September for good times and good shows. If you can make it, you will make it.  

Aug 26th- San Fran,CA
Aug 27th- San Fran,CA
Aug 28th- Oakland,CA
Aug 29th- San Jose/Santa Cruz?
Sep 1st- Sacto,CA
Sep 3rd- Portland,OR
Sep 4th- Portland,OR
Sep 5th- Olympia,WA
Sep 7th- Seattle,WA
Sept 09- Minneapolis, MN
Sept 10- Chicago, IL
Sept 11- Cleveland, OH
Sept 12- Buffalo, NY
Sept 13- Albany, NY
Sept 14- Boston, MA
Sept 16- NYC
Sept 17- NYC
Sept 18- Philadelphia, PA
Sept 19- Allentown, PA
Sept 21- Richmond, VA
Sept 22- Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 23- Columbus, OH
Sept 24- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 25- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 26- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 29- Chicago, IL

For venue details check: http://www.myspace.com/uvrace

Also this friday UV Race is playing with perth's Golden Staph - check em out!