July 17, 2010

Sunday free shows in Fitzroy

Who went to UV Race last night? Get a tape? Any good? My pal Christina scored me one while i was working late.... Really wanted to see UV Raggers but i will be seeing them in 2 months in NY and in Memphis. Excited! Anyway, tonight everyones goin' down to Northcote Social Club for possibly the biggest gig of the year for Melbtown. Tomorrow Golden Staph are playing with Woollen Kits and The School Of Radiant Living at Yah-Yah's in the arvo-fer F R E E.
Yah-Yah's website is here
Golden Staph wordpress, yo

After that Teen Archer is playing fer F R E E at Bar Open with Dozers, The Beat Disease and Bone. Archer boys have been doing pretty good for themselves lately and are in fine form too.
Bar Open website is here

Enjoy yourselves and enemies, leave your guns at home.