July 25, 2010

SUPER WILD HORSES - Fifteen LP launch

Super Wild Horses released their debut LP on friday, it's called 'Fifteen'. They've made up 300 copies with green, pink or black screen printed covers and it's been pressed on white vinyl. I got the green one. Been waiting for this album for AGES. Just like their first EP, it was recorded by monsieur Mikey Young of Eddy Currrent Suppression Ring. SWH are currently doing album launch shows 'round AUS and i've heard good reports, of course! The band has the LP coming out on Hozac in the States and it's out on Aarght! Records in Australia. Get it now or cry later.

You can read a recent interview with them, the questions aren't so great but the answers are good.

Super Wild Horses, Total Control, Boomgates & School Of Radiant Living play the Swanston Room at Victoria Hotel, Little Collins St on Saturday July 31st. Doors open 7.30pm. $12 at the door.

July 23, 2010

Hard-Ons tonight at the East Brunswick Club

The Hard-Ons new album is a fierce beast of a record, it's 40 minutes and 19 tracks of their usual assortment of pop, surf, death metal and punk. Hard-Ons new album is called 'Alfalfa Males Conform Or Die Once Summer Is Done' and it's been out for a month almost i believe. I hadn't seen it at Missing Link so it kind of slipped my mind. I just saw their interview in Beat plugging tonights show, it's $15 and they're being supported by Fangs Of A TV Evangelist and Useless Children

I found a download of the album if you're keen to hear it. 

July 20, 2010

Punk boat cruise - Straightjacket Nation, Bloody Hammer & Brainwaves

So Emily from Straightjacket Nation is having a party on a boat on Friday 30th of July with SJN, Bloody Hammer and Brainwaves playing. There's vegan food included too!

Tickets are $25 for boat rental and can be bought from Emily at emzsjn@gmail.com

Boat leaves from Docklands at about 8pm.

Check the Facebook for it

July 19, 2010

Doncaster Shopping Town

Al (Straightjacket Nation, UV Race and Dick Diver) with Jensen (Deaf Wish) have joined forces to make Doncaster Shopping Town. Gotta love the Donnie reppin'. Not sure what this sounds like but i've heard the words 'Acoustic' and 'Country' thrown around. Definitely worth a look-in.

Also on bill is School Of Radiant Living and Woollen Kits who both played good sets yesterday opening for Perth's Golden Staph. Actually, while i was watching Woollen Kits i kept hearing Cheater Slicks which i thought was really cool. They're actually going to Sydney soon too for anyone on the northern tip. I'll throw the flyer up for it as the shows are closer. Loving Tom Hardisty's distro 'Indian Girl', the best place for my money in 2010.

July 17, 2010

Sunday free shows in Fitzroy

Who went to UV Race last night? Get a tape? Any good? My pal Christina scored me one while i was working late.... Really wanted to see UV Raggers but i will be seeing them in 2 months in NY and in Memphis. Excited! Anyway, tonight everyones goin' down to Northcote Social Club for possibly the biggest gig of the year for Melbtown. Tomorrow Golden Staph are playing with Woollen Kits and The School Of Radiant Living at Yah-Yah's in the arvo-fer F R E E.
Yah-Yah's website is here
Golden Staph wordpress, yo

After that Teen Archer is playing fer F R E E at Bar Open with Dozers, The Beat Disease and Bone. Archer boys have been doing pretty good for themselves lately and are in fine form too.
Bar Open website is here

Enjoy yourselves and enemies, leave your guns at home.

July 15, 2010

Pissing On The USA, 2010!

Followers, I'm currently booking myself a trip to the United States for this September. It's looking like i'll be in New York around September 14th, Memphis around the 21st and back to New York on the 28th before flying back home on the 5th. 

(This was my face when i realised i could visit the States this year.)

I'll be in New York to buy records, see gigs (WEEN is playing on the 17th!!) and try to find Stu Spasm of Lubricated Goat- an ex-Aussie hero of mine. I'm also looking at buying a guitar while i'm there too or possibly in Memphis. 

In Memphis i'm headed for Gonerfest Seven, The Australian Invasion. Here's the Gonerfest line up:

Hi Tone:
Msr Jeffrey Evans
Vermillion Sands
Missing Monuments
Useless Eaters
Spider Bags
Opening Ceremonies outside The Goner Store with:
Thee Oh Sees
Hi Tone:
Ty Segall
UV Race
So Cow
Super Wild Horses
Haunted George
FRIDAY Sept 24
Afternoon Rock at Buccaneer Backyard:
Golden Boys
Data Drums
Legendary Wings
Wounded Lion
Hi Tone:
Strapping Field Hands
Dave Cloud
Personal & The Pizzas
Parting Gifts
Guinea Worms
Afternoon Blowout at Murphy's:
Ratas Del Vaticano
Total Control
Burning Sands
Wild Thing
Red Mass
D_ g P_ _ _ _ e
James Arthur's Manhunt
Hi Tone:
Guitar Wolf
New Bomb Turks
Armitage Shanks
Destruction Unit
Girls At Dawn
Wesley Coleman
SUNDAY Sept 26
Closing Ceremonies at The Goner Store with:
Ty Segall (solo)

Pretty damn excited, flights booked! Gonerfest Golden Pass, paid!

July 14, 2010


UV RACE - USA 2010

UV's are heading over to the States in August/September for good times and good shows. If you can make it, you will make it.  

Aug 26th- San Fran,CA
Aug 27th- San Fran,CA
Aug 28th- Oakland,CA
Aug 29th- San Jose/Santa Cruz?
Sep 1st- Sacto,CA
Sep 3rd- Portland,OR
Sep 4th- Portland,OR
Sep 5th- Olympia,WA
Sep 7th- Seattle,WA
Sept 09- Minneapolis, MN
Sept 10- Chicago, IL
Sept 11- Cleveland, OH
Sept 12- Buffalo, NY
Sept 13- Albany, NY
Sept 14- Boston, MA
Sept 16- NYC
Sept 17- NYC
Sept 18- Philadelphia, PA
Sept 19- Allentown, PA
Sept 21- Richmond, VA
Sept 22- Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 23- Columbus, OH
Sept 24- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 25- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 26- Memphis, TN @ Goner Fest
Sept 29- Chicago, IL

For venue details check: http://www.myspace.com/uvrace

Also this friday UV Race is playing with perth's Golden Staph - check em out!

July 12, 2010

Georg Whelan - 1000 Pound Bend

I think i'm dj'ing this too, not too sure just yet. 
Come to this show then head to Bar Open for Brainwaves and Bits Of Shit. 

July 10, 2010

We're in the MUFF!

I was in the film, "Hanging At Picnic Rock" and it's been accepted into the MUFF (Melbourne Underground Film Festival). If you go down you'll see me get my legs ripped off my body- it looks real. Excited to go to this!


361 Lt Lonsdale st, Melbourne
August, Wednesday 25th at 7pm

Mini MUFF Session 5


Dir. Wade K. Savage / 10mins
In a post apocalyptic world, one woman takes on her greatest challenge.


Dir. Alan Bennett / 9mins
A lone researcher on a space station falls in love with a window-cleaning robot.


Dir.Clint Cure / 12mins
A female prison gang battle demon possessed private school girls.


Dir. David Broder / 20mins
A private eye’s Friday night turns into one hell of an evening.


Dir. Oliver Waghorn / 3mins
Your future is at your doorstep.


Dir. Robin Geradts-Gill & Hannah Moon / 7mins
The story of a suburban superhero in trouble.


Dir. Greg Hanson & Casey Regan / 16 mins
A group of nuns vow to revenge their priest’s murder.

BITS OF SHIT - Thursday - Bar Open

A year of Pissing On The Mainframe. PUB FOOTY.

Hey, so i just noticed i started this blog over a year ago. It's been a good way to keep myself entertained during downtime at work. It's also scored me a few free cd's and it's help me to keep in touch with what's going on in music around the world. I like to think of this blog as a good resource for people in Melbourne to see whats happening and for people elsewhere to research Melbournes music scene.

Also i don't know if anyone out there would be interested but lately i've started scouring recent uploads of worthy records on blogs. I've been taking the download links and putting them in an email to myself while i'm bored at work. If you want me to send you these (i wouldn't do it more than weekly) then send me an email and i'll start up a bit of a mailing list for downloads of new and classic records. Free of charge.

Had i had the internet in the past fortnight i would have advised peeps to go to the Espy last night to see Twerps, Beaches and Circle Pit. It was cool going to the Espy again, it'd been awhile. Must remember to use that camera of mine again.

This Sunday is GAME TWO of Renegade Footy aka PUB FOOTY. Here's the deets:
  • 12 - UNICORNS v BATS
  • 1:30 - EYE-GOUGERS v LIONS
  • 3 - TOTE v PAIN
Live at Brunswick West, the home of Renegade football.

July 02, 2010

Blank Realm in Melbourne this weekend

This is the flyer for the show at Sunshine & Grease tonight.

- Friday 2/07 Sunshine and Grease w/ Lakes, Super Star and Interzone. 8pm.

        - Saturday 3/07 Yah Yahs w/ Bum Creek, No Zu and Table Mountain (SA). 9pm.

       - Sunday 4/07 Empress w/ Space Cactus, Table Mountain (SA) and Loamlines. 3pm.

                       I'd like to make it down, hoping i make it to at least one of these shows anyway.

The Forty Thieves 3 - GORKER GALLERY

THE FORTY THIEVES 3- it's a great show, just look at that line-up... Ha-Ha, Makatron, Ben Frost, Drewfunk.. good theme too. I went to the show last night and bought the Ha-Ha piece. If you're killing time before the Birmy opens for your first frothy, stop by as it's just around the corner.