December 13, 2009

Deaf Wish Interview

After drinking so much at the Tote for Dan Lewis' birthday, by the time i bumped into Jensen at Prudence bar i was pretty wasted. Can't quite remember how the interview came about, but i think it came out okay.

Deaf Wish Interview

Jensen = J
Zac = Z

Z- When does the album come out?

J- December 19.

Z- Whats your favourite track on it?

"Bartender hits the Last Drinks gong"

J- Probably, ahh good question... Track 7 Slow Me Down or Smash, track 2.

Z- Did you write those songs?

J- No, no we all write everything together.

Z- Is there a reason why they're your favourites?

J- Yeah they happened really quickly.

Z- Naturally.

J- Yeah yeah, that's why they're my favourites.

Z- Does that help them to translate live very well?

J- I think so, i think so because when you record them real quick they can only get better live.

Z- So when you're going into a show with Deaf Wish, is there something you're looking for in it?

J- Yeah i wanna be real. I want it to be real.

Z- Real?

J- Yeah you want it to be real. And you don't want to repeat yourself so much.

Z- So is there something you want from the crowd?

J- I can't see the crowd, because i'm short sighted. Yeah i can't really see past four or five metres. And when i had more hair- for years it was just hair. Thats all i could see.

Z- So if you could see would you be worried about it?

J- Probably but you know, i went to see my girlfriends band last night and i saw what they were looking at and it wasn't that scary.

Z- So when you've got like 2 hours before a show, do you look at your clothes and think about whether you should change?

J- That's a weird thing, i used to- i used to think about it. Now i just try not to repeat myself. I bought 20 flannellette shirts from a shop in North Melbourne just around the corner. That was my wardrobe for about 4 years. Now i just don't want to repeat myself. Like i'll have my Cut Sick shirt with the red flannie or maybe the Cut Sick shirt with the green flannie. I wish i was good at it but i hate thinking about it.

Z- So you just try not to think about it then?

J- Yeah, getting dressed.

Z- The way you present yourself is important- even if you don't want it to be, It kind of is.

J- Yeah your exactly right, you do think about it.

Z- But i guess your not about to buy an Armani suit for a gig?

J- I would like to though, I'd like to look really good. I'd like to look really sharp. Like how Amy supported Jon Spencer last night. He looked really sharp.

Z- But he's probably worn the same suit for 10 years.

J- Probably.

Z- So is there anyone in Deaf Wish that you're jealous of?

J- Daniel Toomie started wearing turtle necks between Tri-State Lovers and Hate Club and our mate Sam Agostino(Digger & The Pussycats, Kamikaze Trio) said to him "I know now why you wear the neck tie and it's because when you go to play, you go to work." and he's been wearing neck ties ever since.

Z- Do you think it makes him play better?

J- He's always played great. You know i was at this jeans shop last year loading up on black jeans and-

Z- You love your bulk shopping.

J- Nah i just hate shopping that much.

Z- If i need a pair of jeans i buy one, with the intention of buying more. Even if i've got the money, i'll just get one. Because i figure i'm not gonna waste money on clothes, i'd rather buy six 7 inches. Then the one pair.

J- Well i like that about you.

Z- So have you got a favourite suburb to play in? How do you feel about playing St. Kilda?

J- Yeah St. Kilda's always been kind of fun. How do you describe going to St. Kilda and playing the Espy. I like the Lounge bar up the front, that's the one you want. In terms of Melbourne places to play, Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne. Probably seen and played the best gigs of my life there. When i moved to North Melbourne it was 2001. You'd see punk bands playing with no shirts on a tuesday night. I've never wanted to leave North Melbourne since.

I do like playing the Pony 2am shows as well, always an interesting night. But i suppose if you want to talk about venues with good stages and spiritual significance, you can't go past The Tote Hotel. You can't go past it. The only time you can beat the Tote Hotel is on the footy field.

Z- Go the East!







(Photos taken by Zac O at Sydney Flip Out - Manning Bar 2009)