December 08, 2009

Useless Eaters - Sucked In 7"

Official Distro bio:
Using cheap amps, cheap mics, and cheap tricks, Seth Sutton has created a fantastic and fascinating body of work as Useless Eaters. Taking his name from a snotty Vomit Pigs track from a snotty Killed By Death compilation, Sutton has aligned himself with the losers, the forgotten, and the never-were-knowns of "back in the day." Think Legionaires Disease, or The Trend, or Tampax, or Unnatural Axe--all fantastic bands content to dwell in the gutter, spewing out noxious, humorous, untamed punk rock with cheap and nasty equipment. Barely out of high school, Sutton has absorbed all the lessons of punk rock's first thirty years and avoided the traps of sentimentality, phoniness, and the urge to impress anyone outside of the band.

Useless Eaters hate fashion, hate proficiency, hate snobbery, and probably hate you. Singles on Jay Reatard's Shattered Records, Italy's Goodbye Boozy, and other obscure vinyl outposts worldwide are spreading the sound.

Useless Eaters are the real deal. Get in on it now, and share the secret. Or don't,

-Useless Eaters really don't care.