December 08, 2009

Friday is all about The Tote (for those not at Meredith)

The Tote Hotel, what can you say about it? If i was stranded on an island and could only have 1 bar, it would definately be The Tote.

Tote Front Bar Every Friday! 6-9pm
Knock off early and come on down for Special Guest DJs and free pizza each week
Plus it’s Happy Hour from 6-8pm!
This week’s special guest DJ is DJ Tim Scott The Maggott!

‘Animal Corrective’

Warragul Disgrace




Hammocks & Honey

+ Love of Diagrams DJs & DJ Shags

$5 - Doors 8pm

Dan Lewis is a short man who wears glasses. He also knows most of Melbourne which is a great effort since he was born and raised in New Zealand. He likes music and birthday parties so he has combined his birthday party and music and come up with his birthday party gig at the tote. Popolice are playing and it's an ex New Zealand guy making deadly noisy pop.

Dachen are also playing and they feature a member from Woollen Kits. XTX are playing this shindig and they feature members from repairs and Splitfoot.Hammocks and Honey are playing and this is a wozza who is really into lady gaga and glitter so lets hope she is into tight spandex costumes as well.

There is also some band called the Warragul Disgrace who will play last and some of them are from Warragul and all are disgraceful.After the bands have played to get every one in the mood for loving and shagging there will be love of diagrams djing and shags will also be djing. So bake a birthday cake and eat it then come to dan's party to dance the cake off your hips. from marcus.

Upstairs in Cobra!

Baptism of Uzi

Late Arvo Sons

Little Killing


$7 - Doors 8pm

From below the West Gate Bridge Baptism of Uzi ooze to the city to play the Cobra Bar on Friday December 11th. After a year of hypnotising subjects with their garage psychedelia the dudes will play their final show of the year in the vine infested pit of Cobra Bar. The Late Arvo Sons, Little Killing and HalfHeads are also featured on what sets to be a night of electric rock in the jungle.