December 30, 2009

R.I.P Rowland S. Howard

Rowland has recently passed away due to liver cancer. He'd been sick for a while with illness and so it's sadly not surprising to hear of his death. He was my favourite Birthday Party member and i've recently been caining his new album, "Pop Crimes". I was at his last performance on October 29 at the Prince Of Wales, he played well and was in good spirits. It's unfortunate that only in the last few years of his life he's finally gained public acceptance. I suppose it's the way with people when they are on the way out.

I'll be listening to his back catalogue for a while this summer.

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R.I.P Rowland


Oh P.S!, don't quote me on it but i think the last interview with him(that was any good) was in Mountain Fold #3 - go to the Mountain Fold site to snag a copy.

Also, Rage released this statement: ''We're very saddened to hear about Rowland S. Howard's passing - Rage will be paying tribute this Saturday night at 11.15pm on ABC1.''