February 11, 2010

Black Lips - Corner Hotel Review

Electric Smile Band
UV Race
The Twerps
Black Lips

Corner Hotel - 4th Feb 2010

This was fun, thought the line up was good. Nobody knew who E.S.B were before they played, i believe one or 2 of them are from Children Collide. They sounded nothing like C.C, they were like some fucked up MC5 psych/garage band. MC5 jamming on Dirtbombs or something. Pretty sick.

UV's played good. HADUKEN, HADUKEN, CONFUSION, CONFUSION. Went down good. Marcus told a very the crowd about a strange dream he'd had involving a cat, his father and a cop raping him. Marcus also had one of his top 5 costumes ever. DX had a great call from the back of the stage in the dark, "Can i get more spotlight on me?". The place started to really fill up when UV's were on.

The Twerps were good, i don't see them enough. Been caining the 7"/CD lately. Marty was in fine form. Good stuff. They had some killer multi-coloured shirts at the show for sale, i wish i'd had the cash for one.

The show was sold out, a good 800 people there for the Black Lips. The crowd was made up of people who like the UV Race and then 450 odd dickheads. Lots of crowd surfing, lots of idiots on the stage. The band didn't impress me much, they seemed to just fuck around the whole time they were on the stage. Weird set list, weird vibes from the band. I hear their dicks, i can see that being the case.



This was Emily Jackson's last show with the UV Race