February 17, 2010

Save The Birmingham Hotel

Dear Friends of The Birmingham

We'd like to reach out for your help!

Since new management took over the birmingham last year, we've seen some incredible local bands through the venue and have grown to be a great fixture Melbourne's live music community.

The idea of hosting bands at the Birmingham is slowly fading due to noise complaints from one neighbour. And in the last couple of days,
has become serious to the point that we could be told to cease bands as of tonight - I would also like to point out that the neighbour moved into the residence after the venue had been hosting bands.

In a last minute dash - we are asking for anyone who has visited the venue, for a beer or a band, or even anyone who appreciates the importance of preserving the venue to sign this petition below.

Although - on a legal standpoint, the petition will not hold water, we are hoping to appeal to the neighbour so they can see the venue is loved and cherished by a broader public.

So, if you could please take the time to write a small message, or even just a signature - we will be passing this on the neighbour.


The Birmingham Hotel