February 22, 2010

Good Australian recent releases

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Best Band In Sydney/Worst Band In Sydney 7"

The Bed Wetters were down in Melbourne over the weekend playing shows to launch their first 7 inch release, "Best Band In Sydney/Worst Band In Sydney". That title says it all, they're loose as shit. I asked Ben about them opening for Dinosaur Jnr and he said "Well, whatever happens we're still gonna get paid" and then Nic said "It's not like anyones going to book us shows like this again when they see us".

Kitchens Floor - 7"

I've listened to Kitchen's Floor's first album, "Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress" a lot since it came out. There's a few bands doing music in a "lo-fi" manner and i generally spit them all back out after first taste. This Brisbane band however seems to sink a bit lo-er than most. They've got a heaviness and rawness that i haven't felt from most other groups in this field. It being on R.I.P Society doesn't hurt either. Oh, good news for Melbourne- they're doing some shows in early March. Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart get some KF action also. Excited.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax CD/LP

Eddy Current Suppression Ring are simple goods. Their not like buying from Ikea, no instructions or separate parts needed. Rush To Relax is the 3rd installment LP and comes in 10 tracks. Theres an over analytical review shaking up a stir about how their not pushing the envelope and that they should be taking more risks musically. I won't bother helping you to find this review as it's a waste of your time and mine. If you live in Australia the band will be hitting you're town in March or April (Yes, even W.A). They have a bunch of USA tour dates posted on their Myspace too which should excite those of you Goners.

Teen Archer - Teen Archer 10"

This band has chops. I'd say they really got to me when i saw them at the Flip Out after party at Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney. They blew the place apart and have continued to do so on a regular basis. They've been playing everywhere with everyone lately so if you haven't seen them yet i don't where you've been. They'll be doing the Dinosaur Jnr tour with Deaf Wish so if you're going, get there early and see them make dust of the Corner on March 5th. I took Alex and Gus bowling a few months ago, have a look at the photos and read some here <--

Deaf Wish - Reality & Visions LP

I don't know what happened, i've really slept on this. I've been listening to this one a fair bit and it's just getting better. Their doing some shows on the east coast in March so go see them do the rock thing. Their playing as a super surprise band at a gig coming up soon so if you're a keen bean, get back to me and i'll fill you in. I interviewed Jensen about the album and other junk a month or 2 ago. Go'n read it 'ere!

Royal Headache - 7"

If this record doesn't come out in the next week i'll be calling Nic at R.I.P Society everyday till i can hold this sucker. The finest band in Sydney, Australia and probably whatever hole you're in. Royal Headache's debut release and my early pick for best 7" of 2010. If you have Golden Plains tickets you'd best get in on time and head for the stage at full pelt for their 2pm set on day one.