February 15, 2010


This weekend is gonna be fucking massif!

I've already posted these shows here but just to remind you...

Friday - Constant Mongrel & Taco Leg(Perth) split tape launch at Missing Link. Free. 5pm!
Friday later - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys(Sydney), Taco Leg, Golden Staph(Perth) and Late Arvo Sons. The Birmy.

Saturday - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Southern Comfort and School Of Radiant Living. The Birmy. Free. 5-7pm
Saturday right after - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Woollen Kits, Bitch Prefect and Southern Comfort. Empress Hotel.

Sunday - Me, Jack Petty, Jimi and Hugh are gonna DJ and have a party at Willow Bar. Then we're all going to see a REIGNING SOUND tribute band at Yah Yahs for free!

What a stellar weekend of shows