September 14, 2009


Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Sydney's #1 party band

NOTE: Joe let Nic and Ben do the interview because he's burnt out with the overwhelming demand for Royal Headache interviews.... Sorry for the lack of puns. Joe uses heaps of puns in interviews. He's got a heaps better grasp of the english language.

What's coming out soon from Bet Wettin' Bad Boys?

Nic: We did a Kiss covers cassette called "Kiss It!". We had an overwhelming demand for them, gotta dub some some more.

Ben: We'll probably try do a 7" soon. Aim to record late October.

what are your top 3 Kiss albums?

Nic: EVERYTHING TIL ALIVE II IS 100% ESSENTIAL. Get all of these Rock 'N Roll Over, Hotter Than Hell, Destroyer, Kiss, Dressed To Kill, Love Gun, Alive and Alive II. And Double Platinum (ultimate party comp). I'm glad they broke up after Ace left...
Ben: ....and didn't release any songs on the Bill & Ted Soundtrack

Why is Joe called Joe Suck-It?

Ben: So high school fans couldn't get in touch with him on facebook. He was the secret stud of the school.

Nic: Also cause he sucks it. Just kidding!
Ben: Joe isn't here so we can say what we like.
Nic: Once we got paid $100 not to play with Mercy Arms. I think the initial reason we were on the line-up was cause Timberyard records thought one of us was a homosexual.

You all live together, whats that like?

Nic: Good. No parents telling us what to do, it's anarchy.

Ben: Everyone's functional, no lame art shit in this house that doesn't serve a purpose.
Nic: We got a cat called Morbi, short for Morbid Tail, a parody of Morbid Tail, the first Celtic Frost album. It's like the the "damaged" of heavy metal.

Joe Ben Nic

What's happening this weekend?

Nic: Maybe going to a Taipan show, maybe a Tenniscoats show. There will be more chicks at the Tenniscoats show, but Taipan fans are generally more attractive. Also cashflow forecast, business assests summary, operations summary, stat declaration, insurance quotes....

Ben: Jack shit. Pysiotherapy exam shit. 100% punk.

Tell us about R.I.P Society Records?

Nic: R.IP Society Records started late last year, I was playing in Circle Pit at the time and the 7” recordings were kind of just sitting there so I was like let’s get this show on the road, I’ll put it out asap and have it ready for the next lot of interstate shows. All the releases so far have really made sense to me, they’ve all happened pretty naturally. It just seemed like a really good, obvious idea to ask Lakes, Kitchen’s Floor, Lloyd Honeybrook, Wasted Truth and Royal Headache as they’re all my friends and I not only love their bands but also their approach and attitude towards playing music. The established music industry sucks, even if a band is exciting the music industry can make being a fan of them really dull. R.I.P Society is when you’re walking down the main street of town and you think “this is all balls man, I can’t relate to any of this”, so you try and get your own shit happening.

Any bands you haven't seen yet that you guys want to?

Nic: The Seizures,
Bloodclot Faggots, Anna Lucy and Emma (Holy Balm and NOTV chicks) new band too. I think they're called Skinny Puppy or Bubble Puppy? Thin Lizzy cover band.

Ben: Anything that brings the party. Daddy Long Legs. They probably bring the party from one video I've seen on youtube.
Nic: Judas Priest cover band.
Ben: Van Halen cover band. Or the bass player of Van Halen's side project.

Who gets more backstage honeys?

Joe got one so he wins. We've never had a backstage.

Favourite BWBB's song? Whats it about?

Nic: I like Waste Of Time. I dunno what it's about but it's our most Replacements-esque song. Waste Of Time is the only lyric I know...

Ben: Waste Of Time is probably about some sort of time wasting that Joe does. My favourite is the cover we did of Rock 'n' roll part 2. That was like our first jam. Who's it by?
Nic: I think Gary Glitter or Frankie Goes To Holywood. Daryl's favourite (honourary bad boy and housemate) is Lone Wolf. The chorus goes "I'm a Lone Wolf, but things have changed, since I seen you in a different way. Although my heart is full of hate, it's settled down a bit of late". It's about a period in my life when my heart was full of hate but it had settled down a bit of late.

Ben: My favourite lyric is the Bad Boys theme.