September 11, 2009

Pink Reason

Well you suck dude, it was sick!

If you did miss out it's not too late to catch some of the Flip Out action with PINK REASON this Friday. It's at the Birmingham Hotel with the UV Race, Woollen Kits and Lost Animal. $10!

or Saturday at the Curtin Bandroom with Zond, Fabulous Diamonds, Deaf Wish and Bunyip Moon. $10 again. (I'll be at The Birmy for Late Arvo Sons and Chinese Burns)

If you're in the mood to make Friday really sweet do yourself a favour and go to Pink Reason at Sunshine & Grease, 117 Little Lonsdale St then make you're way down to 25 Easey St. Collingwood for Brendan Huntley's show. THEN it's straight to The Birmingham for $5 pizza and 4 sick bands.

Like Tommy Gun always says, if you're not there- you're a poser!

So come down and have some fun, coz it will be!