September 22, 2009

Truth From Facts

So i'm stuck in Melbourne town, missing out on what might be the finest gig in Brisbane if not Australia for this weekend if not the month! But this weekend is still a winner here in hook-turn city.

WEDNESDAY - you should go see
TAPEMAN at The Birmingham- he was great at The Old Bar, i heard good things about him at High Vibes and so if you ain't caught the guy yet, go to this show or one of the Saturday ones. Don't miss it eh!


That says Woollen Kits, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Acid Casualty and Holy Samolly this THURSDAY at The OLD BAR - $5 and Woollen Kits will have their new 7" at the show aswell!

FRIDAY - The Melbourne Stencil Festival is on at 117 Vere St, Abbotsford and it's gonna be pretty sweet, some friends of mine are in it so i'll be sure to be on the hunt for free beer and hanging out. Then, i'll be at the Northcote Social Club for Neil Hamburger. It's like $20 i think. Weird thing about this weekend is almost everyone i know is celebrating their birthdays.

SATURDAY - At 3pm there's a gig at CATFOOD PRESS which is at 289 Lygon St, Brunswick. Haven't heard any of the bands to tell the truth but i know Tenzenmen is putting Truth From Facts new 7" out which means it's sure to be good!

Truth From Facts 7"
a: predator's dream
b: the urge to destroy is a creative urge too

If you missed the mighty Ghost Of Tape Man at his other shows, go see him with Johnnie & The Johnnie Johnnies at Bar Open - this might be free or $5 or $10- worth going either way. Digger & The Pussycats are playing at Yah-Yah's for FREE and Neil Hamburger's "Drunken Spelling Bee" at the East Brunswick Club for about $20 - which is sick! i went to it last time he came out.

At 2am Ghost Of Tape Man is playing what i believe to be his final Melbourne show at Pony for FREE. - See you there Bugsy!

SUNDAY - Sunday is kind of weird for me, i'm going to the cast and crew screening for a film i'm in called "Hanging at Picnic Rock". I'm the only dude in it and i get my legs ripped off me while i'm screaming. My buddy Clint Cure made it and it's sure to be a real hit, if it makes it to the festivals i heard it is i'll let you know!

I know there's a gig on but i can't remember what it is, let me know what's going down so i have somewhere to drink after the red carpet party.