September 28, 2009

Save the Hopetoun!

This is the cover for Hanging At Picnic Rock which is a film i'm in. It was a blast doing it. I'm the only guy in it and i get to have sex and get my body torn in half(literally) by psychotic ghost women. It's been sent to the Trashorama film festival. Let me know if you want to see this thing and i'll see if i can get you a copy.

This is a gig that's really worth going to as it's a benefit for one of my favourite radio shows Burning Vinyl (Fridays 2-4pm on 3CR - 855AM). Matt "Buffy" Gleeson is a great guy and i tune into his show as often as i can, if you want to hear interesting new music you should too!

On another note- the government has come down hard on small live venues in both Sydney and Melbourne lately, this is forcing the Hopetoun in Sydney to shut it's doors until certain changes are made. I post on a music forum called Messandnoise and some people on there said this:

It's an issue of security. By law in the City of Sydney you need one security guard per certain amount of people(I think it's 70), regardless if there is only 5 people in the building. There was a recent article in Mess and Noise outlining this very issue in Melbourne. For a venue with such a reputation for passive crowds intent on seeing a performance it seems ludicrous. The fact is that due to some council intervention, the Hopetoun was forced to provide security every night. And obviously what it has learnt is that profit cannot be met through money spent on the bar."

"Due to the amount of work that needs to be done to the building to bring it up to regs (disabled access etc.) the owners are 'taking a back seat' to assess what they need to do and if it can be financially viable. He also said it will be 'in the order of months' until we see anything like it getting back on track."

This really bums me out to hear, i really don't think the government or the councils have the right idea by enforcing more security on small live music venues that have little-to-no violent incidents each year. Obviously there's alot more violence in the nightclubs that are busiest at 2-4 AM- i should know because i've worked in a few.

To Read more about it visit to Mess + Noise news article here

Projected listening for October:

Ty Segall - Ty Segall LP

U.V Race - U.V Race LP

Useless Eaters - Agoraphobic 7"

Personal & The Pizza's/Bobby Ubangi split 7"

Late Arvo Sons - Letters From Another Alphabet CD

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall LP

Woollen Kits - Woollen Kits 7"

various live sets from Flip Out Melbourne and Sydney

various live sets from gigs featuring Bed Wettin' Bad Boys