September 04, 2009


This evening we have Super Wild Horses, Late Arvo Sons and The Focus(LAST SHOW!) at Irenes Warehouse. 8pm. Do make it down if you can...

"This friday Sept 4th. Brunswick Arts Space. 4 Hope St Brunswick. 8PM. ALL AGES. With Super Wild Horse and Al Montfort's interpretive dance piece to TVP's ''Picture of Dorian Grey''. Will have 150 copies of our final release, recorded last week, as well as our old 7's for real cheap (median price $3 each). Come party the night before Flip Out..."

oh and this afternoon Goodnight Loving are playing a FREE instore gig at OFF THE HIP Records..... check it out here

If you're not down with that then go to The Tote at 6pm today! Leon aka Vernon from The Sailors/Ooga Boogas and Mikey Young of Eddy Cuz and Ooga Boogas are spinning some sweet records and giving you deliciously free pizza.

Flip Out SATURDAY the 5th!

Also, tonight James Athurs Manhunt is playing a few tunes at Pony at 2am