May 04, 2010

Batrider - Beaks Tour

The last time i saw Batrider was in New Zealand at Camp A Low Hum. I also went to karaoke with them the night after with some of Love Connection and Milk Teddy. They are a pretty fun bunch. Sarah belted out a wild Mariah Carey number.

Batrider have lived in Melbourne, Wellington, London and i have a feeling they've been hanging out in Adelaide recently.

Lately i've been listening to more Batrider, Love Of Diagrams, The Drones, Milk Teddy and The Clean. Getting softer as the winters kicked in i suppose.

I haven't been to the Lithuanian Club before so i'm keen to check it out. Also Pets With Pets and Woollen Kits are supporting which is rad!

I know that X is going over to the US for the Chaos In Tejas festival and having a send off show with the UV Race on the same night at Ding Dong Lounge. I hate Ding Dong so i think Batrider takes my vote for this one.