May 20, 2010

Grong Grong - The Anal UFO Tour

This is a weird band. I can't get my head around them to be honest.

So Grong Grong were around years ago playing and scaring the town folk of Adelaide. During their absence they played in other groups fighting the mainstream. Grong Grong played a few reunion shows last year with good reports so i'm excited about seeing more of them. Good supports for the shows too - ZOND are also playing at the Old Bar show.

I haven't got the CD/DVD yet but i hear it really goes beyond the usual lazy re-issue. The DVD is chocked with interviews and live footage that none or most GG fans had ever seen before. I know of a couple of people travelling south from Sydney and Brisbane for this which is a sign that this band is better than this poster would suggest. Also worth mentioning for those who like to boogie for the Old Bar show, Mr. TJ Honeysuckle is Dj'ing. He's assured me to take a good dig through his old records and find the filthiest mess he can. I look forward to seeing this.