May 02, 2010

Top 5 Blogs

Okay so i'm gonna say some stuff about my favourite music-download blogs.
These guys have such a cool vibe and a nice layout too.
I would definitely like to party with this bunch.
It's a big call but i think if i was stranded on an island with just 1 blog, it would be Le Noise.
Always posting good stuff- lots of garage and pop goods.
This is run by 2 music nerds, Dan and Steve.
I think i'm more into Steve's uploads but Dan's are cool too!
I sent them an email a while back with some Australian recommendations and they posted 3 of them in no time. Still don't know how they found The Stabs album online.
This blog has been going for ages so scroll through and happily burn out your internet.
This is a really incredible blog.
I've definitely burnt out my internet because of these guys.
Lovor and Mike do really rad mixes too.
Oh and i think Mike is the biggest Jay Reatard fan in the world.
I found this when searching for info on The Twerps.
He's put up some really interesting stuff.
If it weren't for him, i might not know some of my current favourites.
Patrick likes Australian music and i owe him a mix cd.
I will make good on my promise. Eventually.
This is a really unpredictable blog.
Never know what they'll post next.
This is similar to Ongakubaka in that it's been going for a while.
They have over 450 posts of pure gold!