May 02, 2010


The almighty King Khan returns to Australia in June with his partner in crime (and grime), BBQ, in tow. Hand picked by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson to perform at this years VIVID festival in Sydney, The King Khan and BBQ Show will also make one special stop off at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne.

A performance by The King Khan and BBQ Show is an awesomely surreal experience; a stunning music machine, playing incredible original hits that never end. Orgiastic, anarchic, hypnotic and personal. Blowjobs and blood, pick-ups and puke, dancing and laughing.

So KK and BBQ tickets a "SELLING FAST!" which means, if you ain't got yo ticket yet- you best be headed to THE CORNER site and throwdown the $$. I didn't go to KK and The Shrines because King Khan without BBQ is something i don't wish to experience. They are peanut butter and jam. Oh and to you people that haven't got tickets yet, Royal Headache and Woollen Kits are supporting..!

PBS is bringing them out so to say thanks- flip the dial to 106.7FM or hit to scope out some good tunes!