May 15, 2010

We Empty Rooms/Bro Fidelity labels

We Empty Rooms is a small label and distro run by Jem Maloney of Fire Witch/Innapropriate Tough Guy Behaviour/Elise & Jem and he's probably the one making all that noise in the warehouse down the street. He's a great guy and he's got great taste in music. The guy needs his own radio show really.

Bro Fidelity is a smaller label run by Ben Wrecker, a man i haven't met though feel i know through his posts on He's the drummer for Hotel Wrecking City Traders and has often found himself being used as a hired gun for some big touring bands on the side. Bro Fidelity has been a home for the HWCT records but recently they've released the new Fire Witch cd, "Liars".

I opened the package today i received with the new HWCT 7" and the Fire Witch CD. Haven't had a chance to listen but wanted to give a shout out to 2 of Melbournes heavier stoner bands that don't suck. The Fire Witch CD is 2 tracks with a hand screen printed cover done by Jace who spends time riffing in Fangs Of... The CD is limited to 500 (I got #65) and features tracks recorded as far back as 2005 before they went on hiatus. I didn't have time to give it a spin but i'm really looking forward to hitting the repeat function on my cd player when i get home.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders are a band i must little knowledge of. I have seen them a few times and enjoyed their volume and intensity. I have a few things to do this year- one thing is to see HWCT more. This 7" will help secure my interest further i'm guessing. As i'm trying to pass information on about Bro Fidelity and these 2 releases i'm going to re-direct you to Mainframe friend and follower, Danger Coolidge's site over at Unbelievably Bad for an interview he did with Bro Fidelity recently. Of course, while you're over there make sure to flick through to his interview with Jem for W.E.R's as well.