May 23, 2010

Pub Footy!

Followers, today is the first game day of Pub Footy!

Unfortunately for me i'm stuck doing a last minute shift at work in my cubicle cell and watching a stinkin Yankee's game.

I have some bets on though,

It's going to be a close first game with The Tote against the Eye Gougers. The Tote won the rounds last year and so they're the favourites but with Tim Scott added to the East Brunswick Eye Gougers roster, there will be blood! Also with no bar, The Tote don't seem so fierce at the moment...

Game 2 will be interesting. Jensen and Co. at the Bar Open Bats had a good season last year and have their eyes on the prize for this year. Jensen has surely been getting his team ready for this. The Pain are new and i think they will be crushed, though i'm unaware of their line-up so we could see some young wizardry.

Now Game 3 is going to take my "Oblivian bet" that the Unicorns are going to be chewed and swallowed by the Lions. Just look at their teams roster. Bosma, Wil Wagner, Mix Master Gaz, little Jimi 'O' Crack and Nellie Jackson. This is going to be a tough one for Unicorns better halves to watch.

See you post-game at the bar.

- Coach Oblivian


Details of todays games:

Round One
Sunday 23rd May
12:00 - Tote vs. Eye Gougers
1:30 - Bats vs. Pain
3:00 - Unicorns vs. Lions

A.G Gillon Oval
Cnr. Hope & Pearson Streets, Brunswick
(MEL REF 29 E6)