May 28, 2010

Sydney next weekend!

Hey so i'm gonna be in Sydney from Thursday to Tuesday next week, it's been way too long.
I'm going to be around town and would be totally keen for people to let me know about whats on.
I'll be staying around Newtown/Marrickville and Surry Hills.
Send your anythings to:

Carving out a bit of an itinerary with King Khan & BBQ Show at the Opera House and i've also just noticed this:

Royal Headache
"Raw can mean unprepared, rough, makeshift or crude. It can also mean painfully open or brutally harsh. Then there’s raw as in uncooked –we’re talking salmonella here. The music of Sydney’s Royal Headache ticks all these boxes. The four-piece play the kind of poppy punk that gets down on its knees, grasps its hands together and just begs you to dance rather than stand there with your arms all crossed." Mess and Noise

Rev Kriss Hades
Reverend Kriss Hades (Sadistik Exekution) one man black metal show is a feast for the wayward soul, the revered literally attacking customised guitars with furiously improvised black metal debauchery accompanied by a multimedia display highlighting how evil flowing water, raging flames and moving clouds can be.

Rice Corpse
After 8 years glass munching his way across 40+ countries Auraltered State curator Lucas Abela, has taken his infamous glass instrument in a totally new direction with his new band Rice Corpse. A free noise trio featuring Abela’s ‘don’t try this at home’ improvisations juxtaposed with a rhythm section of Drums (Peter Kostic - Regurgitator/ Hard-ons) and Piano (Stu Olsen – Garbage & the Flowers/ Rand and Holland). After forming late last year and with only a few shows under their belt the band have already established themselves with a reputation as one of the cities most extraordinary outfits securing shows at the biennale of Sydney and now Lou Reed's curated Vivid festival.







Excited for King Khan & BBQ Show!

Lucky me is all i can say. I've managed to not get fired and get tickets for both Melbourne and Sydney King Khan and BBQ. Corner Hotel this Wednesday with Woollen Kits and Royal Headache and then the next night at the fucken Opera House! Can't wait to boogie...

And as per usual, Unbelievably Bad has come through with the goods...

Super recent interview with Mark Sultan aka BBQ!!

Deaf Wish last show, Yah-Yah's Sat 29th

Deaf Wish are calling it a day this Saturday as Nick Pratt aka Soul Boy is moving further west to Perth. He's opening up a cafe with his woman i hear. Good luck Nick! Also playing is Teen Archer and The Stabs (They have some killer new tracks). Really going to miss seeing Nick and Jensen out-heckle each other.

I've heard they have a lot of new recordings that will hopefully see the light of day in the near future.

If you don't go to this show, you should move to another city.

Read about it in more detail by some other guy

May 27, 2010

Come to 1000 Pound Bend on Friday

I've somehow been talked into doing a very strange performance with some of my Blender brothers.

This Friday 1000 Pound Bend is hosting Heterodoxia for the Next Wave Festival.

Heterodoxia is a one-off show inspired by “A fascination with rodeo culture and the pageantry of masculinity”.

Michael Meneghetti is the brains behind our operation.

Read this interview Michael did recently with MCV

So yeah, come down to 1000 Pound and i'll buy you a whiskey.

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May 23, 2010

Pub Footy!

Followers, today is the first game day of Pub Footy!

Unfortunately for me i'm stuck doing a last minute shift at work in my cubicle cell and watching a stinkin Yankee's game.

I have some bets on though,

It's going to be a close first game with The Tote against the Eye Gougers. The Tote won the rounds last year and so they're the favourites but with Tim Scott added to the East Brunswick Eye Gougers roster, there will be blood! Also with no bar, The Tote don't seem so fierce at the moment...

Game 2 will be interesting. Jensen and Co. at the Bar Open Bats had a good season last year and have their eyes on the prize for this year. Jensen has surely been getting his team ready for this. The Pain are new and i think they will be crushed, though i'm unaware of their line-up so we could see some young wizardry.

Now Game 3 is going to take my "Oblivian bet" that the Unicorns are going to be chewed and swallowed by the Lions. Just look at their teams roster. Bosma, Wil Wagner, Mix Master Gaz, little Jimi 'O' Crack and Nellie Jackson. This is going to be a tough one for Unicorns better halves to watch.

See you post-game at the bar.

- Coach Oblivian


Details of todays games:

Round One
Sunday 23rd May
12:00 - Tote vs. Eye Gougers
1:30 - Bats vs. Pain
3:00 - Unicorns vs. Lions

A.G Gillon Oval
Cnr. Hope & Pearson Streets, Brunswick
(MEL REF 29 E6)

May 20, 2010

Grong Grong - The Anal UFO Tour

This is a weird band. I can't get my head around them to be honest.

So Grong Grong were around years ago playing and scaring the town folk of Adelaide. During their absence they played in other groups fighting the mainstream. Grong Grong played a few reunion shows last year with good reports so i'm excited about seeing more of them. Good supports for the shows too - ZOND are also playing at the Old Bar show.

I haven't got the CD/DVD yet but i hear it really goes beyond the usual lazy re-issue. The DVD is chocked with interviews and live footage that none or most GG fans had ever seen before. I know of a couple of people travelling south from Sydney and Brisbane for this which is a sign that this band is better than this poster would suggest. Also worth mentioning for those who like to boogie for the Old Bar show, Mr. TJ Honeysuckle is Dj'ing. He's assured me to take a good dig through his old records and find the filthiest mess he can. I look forward to seeing this.

May 15, 2010

We Empty Rooms/Bro Fidelity labels

We Empty Rooms is a small label and distro run by Jem Maloney of Fire Witch/Innapropriate Tough Guy Behaviour/Elise & Jem and he's probably the one making all that noise in the warehouse down the street. He's a great guy and he's got great taste in music. The guy needs his own radio show really.

Bro Fidelity is a smaller label run by Ben Wrecker, a man i haven't met though feel i know through his posts on He's the drummer for Hotel Wrecking City Traders and has often found himself being used as a hired gun for some big touring bands on the side. Bro Fidelity has been a home for the HWCT records but recently they've released the new Fire Witch cd, "Liars".

I opened the package today i received with the new HWCT 7" and the Fire Witch CD. Haven't had a chance to listen but wanted to give a shout out to 2 of Melbournes heavier stoner bands that don't suck. The Fire Witch CD is 2 tracks with a hand screen printed cover done by Jace who spends time riffing in Fangs Of... The CD is limited to 500 (I got #65) and features tracks recorded as far back as 2005 before they went on hiatus. I didn't have time to give it a spin but i'm really looking forward to hitting the repeat function on my cd player when i get home.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders are a band i must little knowledge of. I have seen them a few times and enjoyed their volume and intensity. I have a few things to do this year- one thing is to see HWCT more. This 7" will help secure my interest further i'm guessing. As i'm trying to pass information on about Bro Fidelity and these 2 releases i'm going to re-direct you to Mainframe friend and follower, Danger Coolidge's site over at Unbelievably Bad for an interview he did with Bro Fidelity recently. Of course, while you're over there make sure to flick through to his interview with Jem for W.E.R's as well.

May 13, 2010

Negative Guest List Zine Issue 11

Brendon Annesley, Chief of Staff over at Negative Guest List Zine has been pumping out issue after issue of the finest thing in print the countries seen since the transcripts of This Is Your Life with Mike Munro.

I've been featured in issue 11 with my report on Camp A Low Hum which is a festival in Bulls, New Zealand. I made a large post of photos from it back in Jan/Feb. If you're impressed with my photos i urge you to go to Ben Butcher's blog and look at his. They're incredible!

Get Negative, Get on the List.


May 10, 2010

This Saturday at Old Bar

Really looking forward to this.........
+ then i'm playing a bunch of tunes and garbage till 3AM

Good news consumers! Indian Girl Distro is here...

Your buddy, my buddy Tom Hardisty has been working hard over at Missing Link and with his newly gained music industry knowledge. He's started himself up a little distro for record the buy-men.

Indian Girl Distro is the name, and she's a smoker! She could suck the sorrow off a recent widow infact.

So get that mouse-a-movin' and do some record-a-choosin' coz these things are gonna go!

Let's get this done people.

                         Man in question.

May 04, 2010

Batrider - Beaks Tour

The last time i saw Batrider was in New Zealand at Camp A Low Hum. I also went to karaoke with them the night after with some of Love Connection and Milk Teddy. They are a pretty fun bunch. Sarah belted out a wild Mariah Carey number.

Batrider have lived in Melbourne, Wellington, London and i have a feeling they've been hanging out in Adelaide recently.

Lately i've been listening to more Batrider, Love Of Diagrams, The Drones, Milk Teddy and The Clean. Getting softer as the winters kicked in i suppose.

I haven't been to the Lithuanian Club before so i'm keen to check it out. Also Pets With Pets and Woollen Kits are supporting which is rad!

I know that X is going over to the US for the Chaos In Tejas festival and having a send off show with the UV Race on the same night at Ding Dong Lounge. I hate Ding Dong so i think Batrider takes my vote for this one.

May 02, 2010

Top 5 Blogs

Okay so i'm gonna say some stuff about my favourite music-download blogs.
These guys have such a cool vibe and a nice layout too.
I would definitely like to party with this bunch.
It's a big call but i think if i was stranded on an island with just 1 blog, it would be Le Noise.
Always posting good stuff- lots of garage and pop goods.
This is run by 2 music nerds, Dan and Steve.
I think i'm more into Steve's uploads but Dan's are cool too!
I sent them an email a while back with some Australian recommendations and they posted 3 of them in no time. Still don't know how they found The Stabs album online.
This blog has been going for ages so scroll through and happily burn out your internet.
This is a really incredible blog.
I've definitely burnt out my internet because of these guys.
Lovor and Mike do really rad mixes too.
Oh and i think Mike is the biggest Jay Reatard fan in the world.
I found this when searching for info on The Twerps.
He's put up some really interesting stuff.
If it weren't for him, i might not know some of my current favourites.
Patrick likes Australian music and i owe him a mix cd.
I will make good on my promise. Eventually.
This is a really unpredictable blog.
Never know what they'll post next.
This is similar to Ongakubaka in that it's been going for a while.
They have over 450 posts of pure gold!


The almighty King Khan returns to Australia in June with his partner in crime (and grime), BBQ, in tow. Hand picked by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson to perform at this years VIVID festival in Sydney, The King Khan and BBQ Show will also make one special stop off at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne.

A performance by The King Khan and BBQ Show is an awesomely surreal experience; a stunning music machine, playing incredible original hits that never end. Orgiastic, anarchic, hypnotic and personal. Blowjobs and blood, pick-ups and puke, dancing and laughing.

So KK and BBQ tickets a "SELLING FAST!" which means, if you ain't got yo ticket yet- you best be headed to THE CORNER site and throwdown the $$. I didn't go to KK and The Shrines because King Khan without BBQ is something i don't wish to experience. They are peanut butter and jam. Oh and to you people that haven't got tickets yet, Royal Headache and Woollen Kits are supporting..!

PBS is bringing them out so to say thanks- flip the dial to 106.7FM or hit to scope out some good tunes!